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Window Shutters

Give Your Windows A Contemporary Winter Look With Window Shutters

I find dressing windows one of the hardest things to do when I’m decorating a room. I’m about to redo the living room here at home and I’m looking at our bay window in despair. It feels like retailers just don’t provide any really great curtains (and I do love curtains) and getting them made is so expensive, so I look to other ideas. One thing I’m really considering is window shutters. Now I know they’re not the least expensive option, but they have real longevity and incredible versatility. I can be sure that however I change-up the room, they aren’t going to jar with any new decor.

Now we’re quite used to seeing window shutters on the outside of period properties but there’s been a growing trend over the last few years for home owners to put them inside their homes. As a form of window dressing they offer some great benefits.

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A big no-no for windows in all bathrooms, let alone small bathrooms, is the hanging of fabric curtains at the windows. Firstly, this is simply a poor choice for an environment that has moisture in the air for a great deal of the time as the fabric will become damp and therefore invite mildew to settle. Secondly, fabric curtains will add actual bulk to the small bathroom as well as visual weight, and frankly are an old-fashioned style choice. A far better and elegant choice for a bathroom is waterproof window shutters. These offer a streamlined window dressing that allows you privacy as well as the ability to control air flow and daylight.

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Window shutters are big news these days and companies report a big jump in their popularity in the last few years. Gone are the days when they were just for the bedrooms of those with lots of money, they are now available in all kinds of styles and suitable for different budgets and different rooms.

Why choose shutters?

Well there are quite a few benefits to choosing shutters for your windows. Let’s start with style; they look simple, classic and timeless and fit the modern and contemporary home perfectly. They can be environmentally friendly, cutting down on heating bills when closed and choosing those made from FSC materials means they are sustainably sourced. They reduce noise of course, and are very easy to keep clean, much easier than wooden or metal blinds. If you choose cafe style blinds they can be closed offering privacy but still allow in light from the top of the window. Of course they won’t be the cheapest window treatment option but they will last well and can be well worth the investment. Read more