Tammy Broccas April 11, 2019
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In spite of recent reports claiming that every minute, seven homes are ransacked by thieves, a recent survey shows that most homes throughout the UK have yet to instal a proper security alarm system.

Most homeowners are (understandably) preoccupied with the work that must be done to pay their monthly bills and the upkeep involved for their properties, that they tend to neglect the incredibly important aspects of its safety. Most homes in the UK either don’t have a single formal security system or are still depending on what they first bought years ago.

Whilst you can’t deny that installing a home security system can be costly, it is an investment that won’t only keep burglars away but also give you a sense of confidence whenever you leave your home.

If you’re still on the fence about installing an alarm system for your home, we’ve compiled some of the strongest reasons why you need one, and now.

1. Protection against home intruders

This is by far the most compelling cause for most homeowners to take action and instal alarm systems. And rightly so, it remains to be a good, sensible one. Having a home security system is one way to toughen up your defence against home intruders.

By having various elements to your alarm force such as sensors, CCTVs and responsive monitor partnerships, you can rest assured that a multi faceted approach to your security will deter criminals from invading your home or potentially harming, or napping your loved ones and possessions.

Apart from using security devices, it’s also important that you and your family are familiar with close protection in order to defend one’s self in the face of intrusion. Always remember that being prepared is key. Brief your household on what to do in the horrific event that an intruder is apparent.

2. It saves you from alternative hazards

Having an alarm system set up is something that doesn’t only deter and protect against human intruders. Some multi-purpose security devices also function as smoke, carbon monoxide detectors etc.

This means that you’ll be able to track if any of your smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors are malfunctioning and need to be checked.

Another added benefit is that most of these alarms are connected to local safety channels so, in the unfortunate event that they do go off, emergency responders will be immediately dispatched to put out the flames.

Or aid your family in the event of a carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is undetectable by human senses and it is known to be a slow, silent killer. Thanks to alarms, you’ll be able to know in case this dangerous gas makes an appearance.

3. Tracks your home’s energy use

Have you ever received your electricity bill and been shocked at your consumption? There’s a way to efficiently track your energy-use through alarms.

Through the remote access of home security systems, you’ll be able to check if you left any of your appliances running. By doing this, you’ll be avoiding unexpected costs and effectively lowering your energy consumption.

4. Lower your insurance premium for homeowners

As a homeowner, insurance is an expensive necessity. That being said, your homeowners insurance investment will depends on a lot of factors, one such factor that can help cut costs (or perhaps more appropriately allocate your funds) are the security systems installed in your home.

Insurance companies will have to pay you in the case of an invasion or accident. Therefore, if your house is less prone to accidents or unwanted incidents (due to the existence of a quality security system), then you’ll be able to score a lower insurance premium.

5. Monitor your loved ones remotely

Unless you work from home, you’ll likely be one of the many millions of individuals who have to leave their homes to go to work. Leaving your beloved family members such as animals and younger children alone or with a caretaker.

Even if your beloved are left with someone you trust, it’s only reasonable not to be able to shake off any anxiety associated with leaving your family for any length of time.

However, thanks to the integration of home security systems equipped with cameras you’ll be able to keep a loving eye of the happenings of your home.

This means that from your elderly loved ones to your youngest children and any furry or feathery friends in between, you’ll be able to monitor their status at home while you’re out earning a living. There may not always be someone to watch over them, so it’s best if you can keep an eye on them yourself.

6. Provides emotional security and peace of mind

Let’s admit it, everyone would love to leave their homes and not be constantly hounded by worries of “did I turn the stove off?” and “did I lock the door properly”?

Knowing that you have remote access to your house gives a sense of security that regular bolts and locks can’t. Having a home security system provides an unprecedented level of comfort, as it provides an extra layer of protection from terrible scenarios.

7. Protects your valuables

With all the hustle and bustle of daily life and all it’s wonderful opportunities, it’s impossible (and even frowned upon) to stay at home at all hours, especially if what’s anchoring your is the fear of leaving our beloved belongings. May it be sentimental inheritances or valuables with big price tags, these are things we cherish and would be devastated to lose. But regardless of their value, you’ve got a life to live.

Which is why you need an extra layer of security. Sure, some burglars are deterred by the mere presence of a security camera, but it doesn’t guarantee that your home will never be broken into.

This is where the additional features come in.

Alarm systems can be programmed to trigger police authorities as soon as there is suspicious activity detected through remote surveillance. Furthermore, thanks to the recorded footage, your CCTV cameras will also aid in identifying whoever the brazen burglar was, ensure justice is appropriately served.

Installing a home security system is taking matters of your family’s safety into your own hands

You no longer have to depend on your neighbours to tell you of any mishaps your home or family may get into as you can do so from the convenience of a state of the art digital device.

Thanks to modern technology, safeguarding your home has never been easier even for people on-the-go. There’s truly no time like the present to protect your abode, so we recommend you research which type of home security systems will best fit your home.

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