Tammy Broccas October 23, 2020
cala millor beach

Are you someone who’s thinking of taking a well-deserved vacation but think that places like the Bahamas are a bit too overrated or clichéd? Well then, we recommend you check out Cala Millor.

Cala Millor is a holiday resort which offers all the modern facilities that you need to make your stay a great one and is the largest resort on the east coast of Mallorca island which, along with Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera is a part of Spain’s Balearic which is located in the western Mediterranean Sea near the eastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula.

Cala Millor is situated on the east coast of Mallorca and is a 70 to 75 km (44-46 miles) drive from the capital of Mallorca, Palma de Mallorca, from where it takes you around an hour to reach (depending on the traffic conditions).

With a population of only 5000 permanent residents, Cala Millor is in a large natural bay and which hosts the biggest beach of Mallorca, which is measured at around 2 km (almost 1.1 miles) in length. Not only that, Cala Millor also has about 72 tennis courts.

The weather in Cala Millor is excellent almost all year round and the atmosphere in the summer is lively and fully of life and the Cala Millor beach is full of people all day, and the bars and clubs are jam-packed all night.

However, in the winters things tend to cool down there as well and Cala Millor town takes on a more peaceful atmosphere with many of the hotels and restaurants being closed between the months of November and March.

Though most of the people come to Cala Millor to relax in the sun and have a fancy dinner at one of the many restaurants, there are a variety of activities for adults and children to enjoy at Cala Millor which range from boat trips and watersports such as jet skiing, paddle boarding, canoeing, parasailing, to children’s theme parks and more.

The beach itself is quite spacious and has plenty of fine and light sand and is also good for children, especially those who like to run around since the sea doesn’t get too deep too quickly. Other than that, the beach was also awarded a Blue Flag for facilities and cleanness a few years back.

And though Cala Millor is mainly a family resort, it also offers a lot of nightlife activities for those who are looking for late night bars and clubs and are looking to have a good time.

Things to do in Cala Millor

In this part, we’ll be looking at some of the things you can do while you’re staying at Cala Millor.

Boat Trips

Since Cala Millor is a bay, going for a boat trip is probably the easiest and best thing to do. You can go on numerous boat trips which range from regular boat trips and glass-bottomed boat trips to enticing speedboat rides. You can get all the information you need for the trips from the Cala Bana or Cala Millor harbor.

Spend a day with the animals at the Safari Zoo

Just a small taxi ride from the south side of Cala Millor, on the edge of Sa Coma you will find the Safari Zoo which is a Safari park zoo which offers a scenery similar to that of the African savannahs.

There you can spend time with a number of exotic animals such as rhinoceroses, zebras, gnus, giraffes, gazelles, cheeky monkeys, and a lot of others as well. You can also take the Safari train for the Safari course…

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