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You have probably heard of weird junk removal stories before. People hoard queer stuff in the form of junk. Now, here’s one that you would have interest in – weird carpet removal stories.

The entire idea around carpet removal makes many people give up. It’s a rigorous and time-consuming process. However, with the right help from carpet removal experts, you can complete the job easily.

People remove their carpets for different reasons. Some do so since their current carpets are worn out or out of date. On the flip side, others do so by switching to hardwood flooring. Whichever your reason is, here are the weirdest carpet removal stories that will fascinate you:

The Old, Really Old

Carpet removal experts disposed of a very old carpet from a user in Michigan. We can only imagine how old it is, bearing in mind that they compared it to the oldest surviving carpet. Do you even know the oldest surviving carpet on the planet? It’s the celebrated Pazyryk carpet, which dates back to 2,000 years ago. Uuh! This must be an exaggeration because how old did that carpet look like anyway?

The Pazyryk carpet came from a Scythian tomb in southern Siberia, around 1940. It looks like people can really hoard old stuff huh?

Soiled Carpet Removal

For starters, it’s not what you think. Yes, pets can soil your carpet more times than once. Sometimes, even your kids can release the ‘waters’ on your carpets when their cute little brains give the order.

Nonetheless, we are talking about real soil here. The bizarre carpet removal exercise saw the presence of several pounds of soil on the carpet. Is it farming or just a coincidence? Well, according to research, several pounds of soil can actually accumulate on and under a carpet.

This is perhaps where the term sweep under the carpet came from. In fact, according to studies, this phrase started in 1963. But how did this homeowner have so much soil on their carpet? Well, he probably swept a lot of stuff under the carpet anyway, quite literally.

Very Large Carpet

In New York, carpet removal experts recorded their biggest ever catch. And we’re not talking blue whale, but carpet – a very huge carpet. Where did this fit in by the way? Probably the owner had a huge mansion where the carpet could fit in perfectly. Or maybe, it belonged to the field, an exterior ground for playing some sport.

Nevertheless, it must have cost him or her a fortune to purchase, before finally paying carpet removal experts.

New Carpet Removal

Huh, why? How? You must be asking yourself the same questions we are. Why buy a carpet, go through the hustle of installing it, just to remove it several days later? Well, if you think this is just a fabricated story, then you’ll be shocked.

A homeowner in Ottawa, Canada, called the carpet removal experts to do what they do best – dispose of carpet. However, the only shocking thing is that the carpet was barely a week old. The reason being – the homeowner changed mind about hardwood flooring. Talk of mixed feelings and emotional fluctuations.

Nonetheless, the carpet removal guys still came through and tore it away like an old piece. It’s a huge loss but hey, anything to make you happy, right?

Bug-Infested Carpet

Isn’t there anything that carpet removal specialists haven’t seen yet? Tell us, we are willing to listen. Here’s one that might shock some but maybe not for others. A carpet in Waterloo, Canada had tons of bugs. Why this was the case is still a matter for discussion.

Is it hygiene or is it just a coincidence? For such an amount of bugs to be present, there’s a logical explanation. That’s what we think, at least.

Several Layers of Carpet

Wow, how convenient? Detroit gave us a chance to see someone pile up carpets inside their home. What’s the purpose though? Maybe for extra comfort and warmth? We think the homeowner probably wanted to be unique, and yes, we can see that now.

High Carpet Removal

How high can you go for carpet removal services? A team of experts went up to 5 floors to remove the carpet. And guess what, this was a single person’s house. Removing carpet in a single room in itself isn’t a walk in the park. Now imagine doing the same for an entire mansion. Very exhausting indeed, you think?

However, a good team will get everything done within no time. The cost will, nevertheless, be very high.

Strange Designs

Carpet removal specialists have, on many occasions, shared their experiences of weird carpet designs. Talk of a witch, 3D well images, and hear this, coffin images. What? Who lives in such a house though? Anyway, everyone has their preferences and choices.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping up, these weird carpet removal stories just show what specialists encounter in their daily discourse. Do you have more stories to share? Or do you just need carpet removal experts to come and give you a hand? Either way, you’re in the right place.

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