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To be honest, being a better shooter is a long road. But there is a ‘starting from the scratch’ to every single thing on the planet. And I guess you have already started your journey to be excellent. So, here are some easy ways to be in a better position at the shooting range. With these ten tips, you will be on the right track fast.

Choose an arm

Some people like heavy firearms, and others like to try their hand on light ones at scratch. Choose a gun that you feel is just right for you. Anything more than 15 pounds will help you maintain accuracy.

If you choose a very light rifle, there are chances that it might bother your shot by heavy breathing or shaky hands, or something like that. Even the wind can sometimes affect a super light rifle. On the other hand, a moderate-heavy arm will probably not present these issues. So you are good to go.

Be familiar with the arm

It is totally fine and considerable to try out new arms at the shooting range. But to be a master of shooting, you need to get a hand on two or three arms at least. And by getting a hand, I mean knowing all the ins and outs of it. Unless and until you know the arm/arms in detail, you will find hard times to cope with its functions.

Choose a comfortable position

Find a comfortable position for yourself. It can be either prone or seated. Another trick here is to hold your rifle tucked into your shoulder. Make sure your hand and shoulder do not tremble while practicing.

Leveling the scope

It is better to level your scope for the long-range shot, even if it does look right. Remember one thing, that the scopes might look crooked. Generally, firearm enthusiasts tilt their rifles to adjust. If you think of adjusting the scope to get it straight, you might be running on the wrong track.

Manufacturers nowadays have introduced magnification scopes for a better shooting experience. And you can always check out the best 6x magnification scopes.

Accuracy matters

Shooting does not only mean hitting the target. The accuracy and consistency play the card for an excellent shooter. Try hitting the same object with closer accuracy margins. Don’t just push your target far away at the beginning. Start by keeping it closer and try shooting within a couple of inches from the scratch shot. And if you see yourself progressing, you might push the target a little further.

Trigger pulling

You might not pay much attention to the trigger part. But do you know that trigger pulling can affect your shooting skills? Try your hand at trigger pulling multiple times. A subtle jerking while pulling the trigger might disturb your accuracy. Try avoiding those quick wrist movements to achieve perfection.

Practice the stance

The very basic rule to be in a better position at shooting is to have a correct standing posture which is keeping your feet about shoulder-width apart. And for the right-handed shooters, keeping the left foot a little forward and the right foot slightly backward is ideal. This might help in focusing.

Try dry fire

Prior to directly shooting the target, try practicing dry fire to test out your stance and how you are pulling the trigger. Since the dry fire practice is done with an empty chamber, you might not worry about sound or any other thing.

Be slow and steady

You must have heard the famous saying that slow and steady wins the race. So be gradual and concentrate on the minor things. Do not rush with it.

Call it a day

You should know when to stop. If you feel like you have done everything that is possible to do in a day, do not push further. Fatigue can lead to the accumulation of wrong habits. Hence, just call it a day and start the next day again.

Final thoughts

There goes an adage when speaking of perfection or excellence: that is, ‘practice makes a man perfect’. So there is no alternative to hard work that pays you back. Therefore, believe in yourself and practice more. Try applying all the tricks mentioned above to achieve success. We hope your dedication will surely fetch you to the right lane.

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