Tammy Broccas October 4, 2018
urban ladder

Every homemaker’s dream is to step through the threshold and feel immediately at home, to be cocooned by warmth as that feeling settles in. It doesn’t matter whether the interior screams traditional, with the house being decorated along traditional styles and tone, creating a sense of familiarity or in the vein of contemporary, which is the ultimate refection of modernization and the fashion trends of now.

It could be minimalist, the epitome of ‘less is more’ or elegantly tasteful communicating the sophistication of the owner. What matters is the feeling of being at home, a place to unwind and relax, let your hair down at the end of a long, tiresome day. This is what Urban Ladder seeks to provide its customers, the feeling of home no matter what your personal style is. It does not discriminate, its inventory has something for everyone, no man is left behind.

An omnichannel furniture and décor retailer, Urban Ladder is based in Bangalore, India. It was introduced in 2012 as an online brand but has expanded to 4 stores and has distribution across more than 75 cities in India. Urban Ladder boasts more than 5000 designs across various categories of home items and decorations, such as furniture, sofa, beds, mattress, chairs, wardrobe, shoe rack, tv unit, study table, dining table, coffee table, home decor, carpets, lamps etc.

The brand is design led as demonstrated by the various collections it has to offer. The Fujiwara Range is inspired by Japanese styles and trimmings, whereas the Louise Range, lends more of a Parisian, French feel which is both luxurious yet vintage.

It also offers a blast from the past with its Malabar Range, the colonial era furniture is tweaked to fit in the modern landscape while lending the same familiarity. With the Zephyr collection, the brand gives a shout out to the individuals who seek stylish practicality underlined by the principles of minimalism. Whereas the Vector Range appeals to those who pay attention to the little details and design and seek to inject a cozy feeling in their homes.

The Norland Range is for lovers of the now: contemporary and sleek, with a hint of classic undercurrents. Designed for those who love space and storage, aka hoarders the Iwaki range fulfills their needs by placing focus on maximization of space and adopting utilitarianism in their approach to the design not only this, the collection is pocket-friendly.

Lastly, the Galatea Range is for those who want to be set apart by a distinctive sense of style, crowned by marble accents. The company’s design-led approach must be credited, it is versatile appealing to a cross-section of the population…

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