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Australia is both a country and a continent. Although famous for its wild nature and breath-taking natural beauty, it is also one of the most developed and economically prosperous countries in the world. Australia may be an expensive destination but you can still enjoy your stay without breaking the bank. We share our tips for a profitable trip to Australia that helps you save a lot of money on food and drink and still have fun.

Cook your own food

If you really want to save money, you should invest in a camping stove. This way, instead of ordering food at a restaurant, you can prepare your own meals. The cost of food is much lower than ordered in the restaurant. Alternatively, you can use the kitchen in the hostels where you sleep.

Coles and Woolworths are our competing supermarkets whose passion for price reduction can really benefit you. All supermarkets offer weekly and daily promotions – the price of individual items can be significantly reduced, sometimes by up to 30-50%. So, if you have enough time to complete the process, you should be able to significantly reduce your weekly purchase bill by about 20% to 30%. Cook your own meals and get picnic supplies instead of eating out.

Food Tips When Eating Out

If you want to eat out, try a larger meal earlier that day to be able to enjoy the lunch menu. It’s easy to find good food for $ 15 or less if you eat before 4pm.

Coffee: 3.50 – 4.00 $
An average fruit cocktail of 8 $
Lunch (sandwich or similar): 7- $ 10 $
Lunch (restaurant): 12-20 $
Dinner (take-out): 10-20 $
Dinner (restaurant): 20-35 $
Alcoholic drinks: 6- $ 10 $

Pubs – if you want to eat out, think about a meal in the pub, because many Australian pubs offer great Australian cuisine. And who could refuse a cold Brewski and a burger after a long day at the beach? You will find that the cost of a meal in a pub is quite reasonable – usually somewhere between the take-out price and the price in the restaurant.

Memorial clubs, RSL, bowling alleys and surfing clubs – in almost every city in Australia there will be at least one of these clubs offering relatively cheap food and drinks.

Specific examples of food

Full cooked breakfast: 19 $
MacDonald’s Burger / French Fries / Drink Meal: 6.95 $
Big Pizza (pick up): 5.95 $
Tenderloin with potatoes and several vegetables: 30 $

Food delivery and ordering applications for Australia

These applications are widely available in Sydney, Melbourne and other capitals, and regional services will expand over time. Just use a few drags on the touch screen to make these menus a reality.

Uber eats
Coffee ordering application – Hey You
Vegan and vegetarian application – Happy Cow
Book a table – open the table

Backpacking food

If you’re traveling with a backpack around Australia, you need nutritious, light and easy-to-prepare dishes. You don’t want to have the same food in your bag at the end of the journey you left.

Here are some dishes that you will eat and enjoy. Don’t waste space in your bag. Choose the right food for your trip. Spices, wholemeal, Beans in foil packaging, canned hard cheese, Fish or poultry in foil packaging, Coffee and tea, milk powder, Oatmeal Instant, protein bars, Dehydrated meals, peanut butter, dried fruits, Nuts and seeds etc.

Many people think that healthy food is expensive – and more expensive than buying junk food. This is not true. Traveling around Australia, you can eat healthy with a limited budget. The key to success is cooking for yourself and carefully choosing the places you eat out at.

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