Tammy Broccas August 29, 2018
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The year 2018 is a cornucopia of style, avant-garde fashion, state-of-the-art technology and standout outdoor kitchens. While having an outdoor kitchen is already a dream beyond your wildest dreams, a one-of-a-kind outdoor kitchen will definitely make your friends look forward to that annual birthday party of yours, even your enemies want in on those invitations!

Going over and beyond when building your perfect outdoor kitchen can be a pretty daunting feat in terms of design, functionality, and budget. So try to ask yourself a couple of questions before deciding on what type of outdoor kitchen you want and make sure your wallet can keep up with it. Are you the popular entertainer who’s always inviting a huge crowd over? Are you an introvert who wants to keep the outdoor kitchen to yourself and your family? Do you have a handful of friends you always keep on standby when you’re in need of company? Do you enjoy preparing and cooking the food yourself or do you prefer to hire a chef to do everything for you? So before you make up your mind, try to put your thinking hats on and check out these 5 top outdoor kitchen ideas and designs for 2018 that’ll surely make you the talk of the town host!

1. Automated Kitchens

They say the most constant thing in the world is change and right now, the only thing that’s always changing for upgrades is technology. Technology has paved way for convenience for all generations, generation Xers, Baby Boomers and Millennials alike. Install the most high-tech motion sensors in your outdoor kitchen (like faucets, for example) for ease and comfort. You can also get dibs on a cutting-edge refrigerator with screens which alerts you for low supplies or lets you see what’s inside so you no longer have to open it. Or you can also go wireless! The leading edge in kitchen countertops in this day and age supply power to appliances through a magnetic power coil by coupling with a second coil in the appliances! Isn’t that cool and genius at the same time?

2. Brick Ovens

Ordinary ovens are a thing of the past and brick ovens are surely a fun way to entertain your friends while making mouth-watering pizza! There is just no comparison in brick-oven made pizza, and if anybody says otherwise, then I rest my case. You can find orlando outdoor kitchen contractors to install multiple design options.

3. Tiki Bars

Not only does a bar give you a vantage point of all the shenanigans during the party but it’s also a great place for eating and drinking with your friends. You can choose a thatched roof with bamboo accents which gives you a really nice beach vibe; perfect for Luaus or themed parties! Or you can go for a more modern circular stone bar with stone countertops (if you want a more resort feel to it). Either way, you’d leave your guests wishing they had their bikinis and board shorts on!

4. Built-in Grill, Sink, and Fridge

Gone are the days where you have to walk to and fro the grill, sink, and fridge when preparing your food! Integrate everything so it maximizes functionality and productivity. I mean, you wouldn’t want a hard time reaching for that cold bottle of beer while grilling your prime-grade steak, would you?

5. Fire Pit

If you love s’mores and parties, then I’m sure a fire pit will add that cozy element to your celebrations! It’s definitely an eye-catcher and gives comfort to your guests. You can choose between a wood or natural gas pit. Fire pits will never go out of style so it’s perfect for all seasons!

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