Tammy Broccas November 12, 2018
content writing tools

Content marketing has become an indispensable part of the digital marketing process. Without informative and good quality content, it is almost impossible for the marketers to bring traffic to their website and boost sales. Thus, there is a huge demand for content writers who craft original content with useful information for the customers.

It is the sole responsibility of the content writers to create good content that can attract the customers, thereby generating traffic to the websites. However, it sometimes becomes a painstaking job for the writers to generate new ideas, research and deliver a unique content. Thus, to simplify the job, there are a number of useful content writing tools that can help with content creation. Let’s have a look at these top 10 content writing tools that every writer should know.

750 words

This tool is a completely private space for the content writers. This is one of the content writing tools that provide an opportunity to write 750 words every day. If you an aspiring content writer and want to make writing a habit, this tool is a must for you. You can write on any topic and generate new ideas on the same. As the proverb says ‘practice makes a man perfect’, this 750 words tool does the same to the content writers.

This tool helps you to write regularly, type faster and avoid any kind of distraction. It also helps in developing a sense of creativity within you. You will learn to express your mindset and feelings through the write up.

A Soft Murmur

This is a tool that provides the writer with comfort so that a proper productivity is maintained. A soft music can help the writers to concentrate and write more efficiently. So, if you are one of those writers who likes to listen to music while writing, you can go for ‘A Soft Murmur’ tool to improve your productivity without any distraction.

Blank Page

If you get bored while writing a lengthy content, you can opt for Blank Page tool. This is a tool that has a huge space for write up with no limitations. This tool has unique features to track your progress. You can set the word limit for the content. This tool will remind you of the words that you need to write to fulfil the target. This tool is compatible with every device. You can write from anywhere and at anytime.

HubSpot’s blog topic generator

As a content writer, you may have to write several blogs using the same keyword. At times, it can be problematic to come up with new blog ideas on the same keywords…

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