Tammy Broccas August 6, 2018
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More and more businesses are adopting different formats of online marketing in hopes of boosting their ability to reach more potential customers. There are many different ways a business can promote themselves online; anything from paid advertisements to posting blogs can be considered types of internet marketing. However, all business owners will want to provide their marketing campaigns with the best foundation possible.

If someone were to show you a half-finished project, chances are you’d be less likely to endorse it than if you had been able to see all of the completed efforts. This is the same thought process that your customers go through when interacting with your online marketing. If something is missing or half-completed, such as your website, you’re diminishing the likelihood that someone will want to spend money with you and keep returning in the future.

To have the best opportunity to impress potential customers with your online marketing, you will first want to tackle these three points to your online presence.

How to Improve Your Online Presence

We always recommend that businesses work to get their online presence looking great all across the web. This means that you should be paying attention to more than just your ad campaigns and your social media accounts, though those are very important aspects to online marketing. There are a few other major components at play which will give your business the authority to convert potential customers into paying ones.

So, what should you be looking at to make sure your business is covered all across the web?

Is Your Website Up to Par?

Your website is perhaps the most important part of your business’s online presence in that it is your central hub. That means that many of your efforts will be trying to accomplish two things: to get people to contact you or to get people to your website, so they can then purchase from you.

That means your website should be in the best shape possible to convince anyone visiting your site to complete whatever goal you’ve set, such as making a purchase or hitting the “contact” button.

Google takes your website loading speed into account when creating search results pages for users. That makes speed a very important part of your website, and it something that you should frequently check. As website servers update or plugins get outdated, it’s possible for your once fast website to begin…

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