Tammy Broccas February 4, 2019
shark steam mop

It weighs 5.78 pounds, the water tank is 11.83 ounces and its type is hard floor steamer. It has steam blast option and hands-free pad installation and so there is no need to press the button to release the steam while cleaning.

This certified Shark Genius Steam Mop is quite smart and it has the ability to steam as if there is no tomorrow!

It has the ability to clean your floor in a snap due to its 3 heat options and even an extra duty steam blaster. It comes with two good dirt pads which give you enough time for washing before you are required to clean the dirt grip pads.

This mop doesn’t intimidate anyone with its weigh. The old men and women not forgetting the weak people are able to hold it properly because of its lightweight.

This means that anybody in the house can do a genius job of cleaning the house without much struggle. It gives you the chance to sanitize your home and leaves it spotless and safe using only pure water and heat.

It is also safe especially if you have young children who might be using it because it doesn’t get very hot as compared to other steam mops. You will be more comfortable because your feet won’t burn as you clean your floor.

It is also good because now you don’t have to wear gloves to remove the dirt grip pad after you are done with cleaning.

Another important feature is the fact that you won’t have to hold down a button when dispensing steam because you just need to press a single button on the body of the mop and a constant stream of steam will automatically appear.

In case of hard to clean spots, you choose the steam blast option to get that extra heat. It will ensure that there are no sticky messes left out.

The new model of the Shark Genius Steam Mop has greatly improved as compared to the old model which didn’t have the steam blast option and an additional of the dirt grip pads.

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