Tammy Broccas June 28, 2018
financial stability

If you’re reading this article, chances are high that you’re in your early or late twenties, maybe even your thirties, for that is the time when individuals truly start to fear what the future holds in store for them.

That is a good thing, despite the anxiety or the pressure you might be under. The fact that you’re taking it seriously shows that you are aware of how crucial it is to plan ahead. Some people live their life like a breeze meandering through a barley field; it disappears soon without making an impact or leaving a mark.

Your life should be more meaningful and the first step to living a meaningful life is to make a financial arrangement with your future self. This may sound like a job of Everest proportions but when you break it down, it comes down to a few simple tasks while adhering to a few simple rules.

You can set these rules for yourself; perhaps in a checklist of sorts and work towards achieving them through your remaining years in whatever pace that suits you best. The trick is to be consistent in your approach. Consistency is born of patience and persistence.

So, where do we start?

The most basic of human instincts is to learn and apply. From the days of the cavemen to the technological craftsmen of the 21st century, this God given instinct has led us to the pinnacle of human evolution. Keeping in tune with that perception, you must take the time to learn, develop and hone your own set of skills that will help you survive in the world.

However, you must keep the notion of supply and demand in your mind while learning your skills. Because a skill that is not valued in any business, trade or craft is not a skill that you can use to earn. Sure, it may work well as a hobby but beyond that, it will be practically useless.

Focus on developing a skills that is marketable, that can get you a job now and in the future. Learn about trends in your geographical location and use that knowledge to find out where your time can be best invested…

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