Tammy Broccas May 8, 2018
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The minimalist lifestyle is misunderstood by so many of us, both those who love the idea of minimalism as well as those who don’t see the point of its existence. This leads to not only confusion as to what goes and what doesn’t, but far too many unsuccessful attempts at incorporating this way of life into our current realities.

Regardless the reason for this obstruction between us and this simple, carefree lifestyle, it is one that can totally be averted with just the right amount of accurate information and a bit more practice and perfecting, should we choose this lifestyle for ourselves. What is key though, before jumping on the minimalist bandwagon, is understanding completely, the nature of this concept before jumping on with both feet, only to discover it isn’t quite right for you, or isn’t what you were anticipating. After all; the minimalist lifestyle, though appealing and on trend; is not everyone’s cup of tea.

A Minimalist Introduction

For starters, the whole concept of the minimalist lifestyle revolves around “intentionality”. This forms a foundation for clarity and purpose in your life. Unlike a trend or passing fad, which are easily adopted and used until they are rendered obsolete, minimalism is a life that is based on clear vision regarding what you need as opposed to what you want. Contrary to this ‘fast’ time-capsule we find ourselves in, the minimalist lifestyle is a process that begins with you signing-out of things that distract you in any way or prevent you from being happy, peaceful or mindful of others.

Minimalism forces you to connect with all the things and people that are of value to you and that serve a purpose in your life vs those that do not, this removal of distraction and distortion gives rise to intentional activity. For example, intentional purchases where you buy only what you need and can use more frequently and that gives you a mode of happiness, people who are in front of you, whom you can connect with more personally vs those who are foreign or further away.

It is a common myth where people associate a minimalist with a blank sheet of paper. Lacking something or the other that makes it boring, colourless, often with no personality. This is so NOT the case. A vibrant individual can totally be a minimalist, living a colourful, dramatic lifestyle but with only the things that are truly needed, possessions and people with purpose and that have a sentimental connection.

The Minimalist and the Wardrobe

If you’ve ever heard someone talk passionately about minimalism or their journey of embracing it, you most definitely must have heard them bring up the editing of their wardrobes, in conversation. You may have even wondered; like me, as to what a wardrobe update may have to do with a lifestyle that calls for minimizing. With a minimalist lifestyle, one’s wardrobe is the biggest space where unnecessary clutter is found. Clutter that may vary in shape, size or quantity but clutter nonetheless. You’d be surprised or probably not, that a majority of Americans contribute substantially to wastage of apparel alone.

Demarquis of DKC News shared an insightful survey by Trunk Club and SWNS based on American wardrobes where it was discovered that 30% of the average American’s wardrobes go unused for over a year. 61% of women struggle with finding something to wear from a closet full of apparel. The shocker is the 74% who have clothing they keep for sentimental reasons and are left unworn.

Now that you know how imperative it is to declutter your wardrobe and allowing this action to snowball into other aspects of life, especially if you’re seriously considering a minimalist lifestyle, let’s begin our wardrobe journey by cracking yet another myth or better yet, misconception that many people have, and that is presuming a minimalist wardrobe is the same as a capsule wardrobe.

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