Tammy Broccas June 14, 2019
pool ladder

Purchasing a swimming pool is a very important decision that requires quite a bit of an investment. Most often, consumers in the pool market are flooded with available options and features regarding size, amenities, function, and even color design patterns.

Frequently this process is somewhat vague and can drag on for quite some time. When considering purchasing a pool, one should seriously consider the type of swimming pool steps to add to the pool. Often overlooked, steps are extremely necessary and vital to the safe operation of the pool of your choice which could make for a stressful decision. This article will uncover helpful tips and advice when choosing your next set of pool steps, and here you can find a comparison review of ladders and steps.

Materials of your pool steps

Perhaps a bit rudimentary in nature, deciding what materials your pool steps are comprised of is a very important decision. Of the most important factors to consider when deciding upon the materials of your pool steps is that they should be weather resistant and rugged. There is a wide range of pool step materials to choose from that range anywhere from resin to PVC. This range of material composition qualities is often extremely durable and able to withstand numerous and variable natural phenomenon that places heavy wear and tear on your pool steps.

Fortunately, whichever material is decided upon, will require very little if no physical regular maintenance involved. Common issues and repairs necessary to your pool steps will likely be the result of routine care of your entire pool. When deciding upon the materials your pool steps will consist of, consult with you pool representative as the materials used could greatly depend upon the type of pool you are purchasing.

Safety first

Pool steps, of course, are used for entry and exit of your pool in a safe and normal fashion. Ensuring your pool steps are perfectly safe is the wisest choice one could make. Perhaps the most consistent characteristics of safe pool steps are that they are slip resistant. Common epoxy materials are used to coat your pool steps to ensure they remain slip resistant when placed in an out of water. One of the safest pool step designs is termed “wedding cake steps”. The shape of this type of step is perfectly round and beveled to reach varying levels of depth and height as you move up and down each step. Usually, these steps do not come with handrails as they are wide and thick enough to provide the necessary support. This also could lead to much more aesthetically pleasing pool design.

Make it simple

The pool steps you decide to purchase should be relatively simple to install and maintain. Most often, to save the cost associated with professional installation, pool owners purchase their own set of steps and install the set themselves to save on cost. While this may be ideal from a budgetary standpoint, ensure the pool steps you purchase offer comprehensive and complete step by step guides to ensure the installation is seamless and safe.

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