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The kitchen is the most integral part of any restaurant. It is the place where the food is prepared, and the majority of the work of the restaurant is done. However, though the kitchen has such importance, it is usually neglected when it comes to installing security features.

You can’t claim the security of your restaurant and the safety of your employees and customers is complete until you install a CCTV cameras system in the kitchen as well.

In today’s post, we are going to tell you about the primary reasons why installing cameras in your kitchen is as essential as the lounge, dining area and other parts of the restaurant. So, keep reading to learn more about the ideal security camera installation strategy for restaurants.

Cameras can help deter internal theft

Unfortunately, internal theft is a severe problem for many employers around the world. In fact, in a study from 2015, it was estimated that employees steal about 50 billion dollars’ worth of cash, tips, food and other items from their workplace. The study also indicated that on average, a business lost nearly 7 per cent of their annual earnings to internal theft and fraud.

Though you want to trust your employees and believe that they are loyal, these statistics force you to be cynical and accept the truth.

Now that we have established that internal theft is a severe problem, we need to propose some solutions. One of the most effective solutions is installing security cameras to monitor the kitchen because most of the theft happens in the kitchen where all the goods and food items are stored. When employees know that they are being monitored, they will probably be deterred. And if they aren’t, you will be able to identify the thieves.

Apart from installing cameras, you should also ask one of your trusted managers to take an inventory of all the food items when they are unloaded from the truck and keep track of how they are used.

Cameras can provide evidence against frivolous lawsuits

The kitchen of a restaurant is a hotspot for accidents. Some of these accidents are legitimate, while others may be planned by mischievous employees to collect settlements by suing the owner of the restaurant.

How can you differentiate one from the other? Well, an easy and simple way is to install security cameras in the kitchen. The cameras will record the footage of the employees, and if they are faking a fall or any other accident, you will have proof to avoid the lawsuit.

The footage of the cameras will also help you determine whether the accident was caused due to faulty equipment, or the ignorance of the employee.

Therefore, to sum up, cameras are an excellent tool to eliminate internal theft and fraud from your restaurant or catering business. If you are looking to implement a new security system in your restaurant or upgrading the existing one, visit imperial CCTV.

The kitchen has an access point; therefore, security is essential

Every restaurant kitchen needs to have a separate access point from the back; otherwise, you would have to carry all the food items through the lounge and the dining area where people are enjoying their meals, and that is neither safe nor appetizing for your customers.

You should know that if you want an effective security strategy, all entry and exit points into the building have to be monitored. Therefore, it is essential that a surveillance system is also implemented inside the kitchen and in the alleyway, where the cargo for the kitchen is unloaded.

These security cameras will also make your employees feel safer and more comfortable, which will increase their productivity and performance as well.

The cameras will also act as a strong deterrent for thieves who may try to break into the restaurant from the kitchen exit.

Cameras can boost productivity

A recurrent problem that many people from every field have to experience is slacking employees. According to a survey conducted among more than 750 employees of different management levels and areas, almost 89% of American worker’s waste time at work. 62% of the employees, waste about an hour or a half, which is not that bad, but the top 10% waste up to three or four hours every day.

Unproductivity and time wastage of employees is damaging for the profit margins of any business, and restaurants have to especially suffer because of the incompetence and laziness of employees because their entire business is based on customer service. If the waiters and the kitchen staff are slow and ineffective, the business will lose customers.

Like all the other problems on this list, this one also has a simple solution. Installing a surveillance camera system to monitor employees both in the kitchen and in the hallways can ensure that no one is taking long breaks, wasting time, or decreasing the quality of the product. Therefore, you can significantly increase the productivity of your employees by installing security cameras in the kitchen of your restaurant.

Cameras can aid in solving both employee and customer disputes

Workplace disagreements and conflicts are a common issue. Employees can argue with each other or customers. Usually, it is challenging to determine who is right and who is wrong in such situations, but if you have a monitoring system installed, you can check the footage of the cameras. This will help in reducing the hostilities and resolving the problem.

Security cameras are a beneficial and useful security maintenance device, which is used by many businesses in the market. Restaurants also have significant usage for security cameras. However, a common mistake that many people make is that they don’t install cameras in the kitchen. The kitchen is the most critical part of the restaurant, and although it is secluded from the rest of the restaurant, installing a surveillance system in the camera is essential. After reading this post, you should be convinced to install cameras in the kitchen of your restaurant as well. So, that’s all and have a great day.

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