Tammy Broccas April 29, 2018
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As good and as experienced your legal firm can be, it can still be hard to earn the trust of your clients if you’re not active on social media. Some of the most successful legal firms even dedicate big marketing budgets for their social media marketing campaigns because they know it is one of the best ways to expand their reach presence and influence. But what if your legal firm has just started out and you don’t have the finances yet to invest in social media marketing strategies and tools used by other firms?

Lucky for you, it is possible to improve the ranking of your legal firm through social media on your own and without spending too much. Here are some of them.

1. Use long-tail keywords

A long-tail keyword is a keyword phrase that usually contains at least 2-3 words that can be used to target a specific type of audience. Most web users nowadays are using long-tail keywords to find information on the web.

For example, the long-tail keyword “lawyer in Clearwater, FL” provides more detailed information to the search engines which in turn produces more accurate results rather than using the keyword “lawyer” alone.

It’s not that hard to find long-tail keywords you can use to include in your website’s contents.

  • Type a keyword to search in Google, for instance, “lawyer.” Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you’ll see the related searches. You can use those as long-tail keywords for your contents.
  • You may also use online suggestion tools or forum topics to find phrases that you can use as long-tail keywords.
  • You can also look for long-tail keywords from your website’s analytics data and webmasters’ search console. You can see the most common keywords used by your visitors to search for your website in Google there.

Once you found long-tail keywords, be sure to use them every time you create new contents. You can also add them to all your existing contents as well so all your web pages will have the potential to rank high when these keywords are used.

2. Create more video content to share on social media

Even though your firm is really not a video creator, you still have to double down in creating videos to share on social media. Search engines such as Google and Bing like videos. In fact, they include videos in…

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