Tanja Swann April 6, 2018
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Social media has influenced a lot of industries; hence, social media marketing was born. Perhaps, you are wondering why you should invest in this kind of advertising. It is because virtually, all people have an account on social media sites. There are many social marketing strategies that you can utilize, and some of them will be discussed in this article.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is an approach used by various businesses to connect with their target customers through the Internet. Some famous social networking sites include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Similar to traditional marketing strategies, the goals are to make the brand known and increase sales. Use these techniques to increase your business’ exposure on social media:

1. Sign up to as many social networking sites as possible

Although Facebook is undeniably the most famous social media site, you should not limit your social media marketing on this platform alone. It is indeed “the more, the merrier” when it comes to online marketing method. Thus, you should explore other social media platforms such as Google + as it is gradually gaining popularity in the social media realm.

Social networking sites that center on sharing pictures and videos such as Snapchat and Instagram are also popular online marketing media. If you aim for much exposure for your enterprise, you ought to register to these media platforms.

2. Customize your content depending on the social media site

For social media marketing, the content is not a ‘one size fits all’. Most entrepreneurs and Internet advertisers use the same content for all the social media platforms they have. You should not make this mistake since you will not be able to give your target market a one-of-a-kind experience from the different social sites.

Your marketing strategies will be more effective if you try to connect with your audience through your unique content. Moreover, there are categories for the users from these websites, so it is not a good idea to present the same content. For instance, Instagram users prefer images, so your content should concentrate more on showing high-quality pictures that are relevant to your target audience. Basically, it is all about trying what content works best.

3. Share stories rather than doing sales talk

One of the marketing strategies that you should know is that most people tend to avoid products that are directly sold to them. Since this is one of the goals of your social media marketing, how can you subtlety do this? It is possible through storytelling. Netizens enjoy learning new information or news from stories and shared videos and images. As a result, they will pay attention to your content and become more interested in your brand. Then, they will look forward to what your business has to offer.

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