Tammy Broccas December 29, 2018
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Mirrors serve a variety of purposes in the home such as lightening up your space, creating an illusion of more space, and enhancing the decoration of your house. However, following the few simple tips from our experts can help to hang the mirrors at the right spot in your dream house.

Whether you have a cheap full-length mirror in your entrance ways or small mirrors in your bathroom, the selection of right spot contributes towards the effectiveness of the mirrors. Vanessa Deleon, an experienced interior designer, and a TV host reveals that a house without a mirror is a dead space. Using the large mirrors in tiny rooms can do wonders for homeowners. Let us explore how:

Use Large Mirrors in Small Spaces

Using a cheap full-length mirror in a teeny tiny room can help to create an illusion of more depth. So the experts encourage you not to use small mirrors or flood your wall spaces with decorative pieces that add no value to your new home. Go big and place a large mirror on the wall in a tiny room; for example, you can use a big mirror in the dining room above the table to reflect the chandelier.

You can also install a large sized mirror across from a lovely piece of artwork or painting. You can try these tips that can help you to get adventurous and add more fun to the room. You can even add something larger since people have some misconceptions about hanging a large mirror in the small room, you can install scones with the large mirrors to give them a contemporary tone.

Don’t Place Mirror Almost Anywhere Around Your House

A full-length mirror can enhance the aesthetics and space of your rooms, but don’t be tempted to use cheap full length mirror willy-nilly around your house to cover the empty walls. That will develop a bad impression and the lack of home decoration skills for your guests.

Make sure that a large mirror on the wall is always reflecting something that is worth reflecting and avoids putting it where it reflects useless objects. As a decorator, the worst thing you can do is to place a mirror at the wrong spot, so it reflects that random objects in your room or lounge.

The expert Deleon states that it will be utterly disappointing for your guests to see a pile of junk or clutter reflected by your mirror. Even a broken or worthless piece of furniture will destroy the image of the room, when reflected by a large mirror.

Therefore, you should always look for spaces that help the mirror to reflect the nice view from the window or bounces light into the room. Homeowners have little knowledge of home interiors, which is why most of them end up making wrong choices regarding hanging mirror…

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