Angela Mertens January 31, 2018
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These days establishing and running your own business is very easy. You don’t have to spend all your life working for someone to collect the capital and then establish your little business. Rather you can build a small business and manage your costs and bills and establish its base with consistence, care, honesty and dedication. The only thing that often small business owners and entrepreneurs find difficult is how to manage their costs which never end and eat away all their earnings. Following are a few tips for those self small business owners who wish to escalate with their businesses:

Sort Your Work Space

The thing that consumes the maximum of your business capital and profits is your work space. Not only you rent the place or buy it, you also have to pay the numerous bills that never end, and will need some petty cash to run the place. So we herby suggest you two tips:

  1. Initiate your business idea from the comfort of your house or even bed, if possible. Or else, find a spare room, attic, garage or backyard in your house that you could use as your outlet, franchise or work space instead of spending on expensive premises.
  2. You can also partner with someone who could lend you their own space. This way, they will maintain the premises for you and you will run your business with all the capital you have. With your partner, you just have to make an agreement of a percentage that you will give him for lending you his place.

Skip Hiring Or Keeping A Staff

In the initial stage, it is always best to manage your work load with your own hands. This way, you neither have to hire people who may not agree with your terms and norms that you wish to maintain in your business nor would you have to pay their wages, bonuses and increments. If you think you are under so much pressure and you have a bigger work load, then we suggest you to push your family to help you sort though the burdens as they will be as honest to your business as you are and you don’t even have to give them their proper wages.


When you start your business, you must learn the art of bargain. Many may consider it below them but in reality, it is one of the most useful hacks in all the businesses. Be it with a customer or a supplier; with the suppliers even more so because not only the cost is a disputing issue but the better quality is also a rarity that suppliers keep hidden inside their magic boxes. So you must bargain to get the best of the deals in the least possible costs.

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