Tammy Broccas November 16, 2018
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A good mattress is a significant investment financially. A majority are made to last for around 5 to 10 years or more. Even though the products do not last for a lifetime, it is essential that you look after them properly so that they can serve their purpose for the longest time possible. Buying a mattress is not a matter of just putting it in your bedroom and you forget about it. There are a few things you can do to make sure it stays in great conditions for years such as:

Use a Mattress Protector from Day One

One of the simplest, yet most effective way of looking after your newly purchased double mattress is to use a good protector. You can go for the waterproof and padded option that offers a top-line defence for your mattress against its enemies that may include body oils, skin flakes, moisture, and dust etc. This also helps to make sure that spills and other accidents do not adversely affect the mattress.

Additionally, the protectors make clean-ups a breeze because you do have to primarily focus on the mattress because most of the time it is the protector you will have to deal with. Today, you can find the ones that fit and feel like your sheets which means that you will not even notice that they are there.

Don’t Convert your Bed into A Trampoline

As enticing as it may seem, jumping on the bed for both children and adults ends up doing more harm than good. This usually causes too much pressure on the mattress and within a short period ends up damaging it.

If you must release your energy through jumping, find the nearest trampoline and jump away without any consequences. This can even be done on the floor, just make sure that the parties involved are safe.

Vacuum Often

Yes, in the same manner your carpet needs vacuuming, your mattress also needs to go through the process, though not as often as your stepping mats. You can do this once in two or three months.

Vacuuming is beneficial in that it keeps the mattress clean and free of allergens that collect on the bed over time. Some experts suggest that you sprinkle some baking soda before vacuuming citing that it helps to absorb excessive odours and moisture.

As part of the cleaning process, it is crucial to expose the mattress to sunlight and fresh air. This is a sure way of keeping it free from dust mites and irritating odours. It is also important to make sure that you follow cleaning directions from the manufacturer…

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