Tammy Broccas February 2, 2018
plastic waste

Since 1950, man has produced an ever increasing volume of plastic products, packaging and waste, which today has reached at 9.1 billion tons, out of which, after many efforts by private NGOs and state regulated authorities, we have only been able to recycle 9% of the world plastic. In the most recent decades, plastic is a globally, most produced and manufactured material according to many studies, out of which most of the it ends up in either oceans, landfills or other such natural settings.

Researchers have come to this unanimous conclusion that if we know an exact number or information regarding the total volume of plastic being manufactured, the waste that is made, recycled and discarded then we might be able to come across a better idea to recycle the already manufactured material and not to produce more. We should also think about how to manage the waste material that cannot be recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

Researchers around the globe have warned on serious note that if the current trend of mass production of plastic will continue, then the universal mass of plastic waste will reach up to 13 billion tons by 2050 which, if not recycled or reused, will all land into landfills and destroy the environment badly. They even claimed that the recycled plastic doesn’t help the environment much as it only delays the waste to hit the dumps. To be actually able to benefit the environment, the world has to think of some other material to be used massively that can also be recycled and is environmentally friendly too.

The most common use of plastic is not even the production of products like plastic crockery or furniture but actually it is massively used in packaging. Every other product is focused on single use plastic packaging that can hardly be reused. Previously, some of it could be recycled but now in their own publicity and promotion they have started using the durable plastic in packaging, making it even worse of a waste to land into the oceans and even recycling unit.

In short, the world needs a better system to stop or decrease the production of plastic and that too in such a way that can be completely recycled or destroyed without damaging the environment.

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