Tammy Broccas March 17, 2018
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Across the globe, online shopping has become more popular than ever before. According to statista.com the online shopping revenue is projected to grow to about 4.48 trillion USD by 2021. Though desktops are the most popular device for online shopping, shopping through the mobile smartphones is bound to surpass any other forms of online shopping.

A couple of years ago, most people went to the actual store to buy the goods. They had to deal with the parking issues, weather, long queues at billing, the wobbly shopping carts, lugging the shopping bags from the car to home, besides going back to the store in case of exchange or return. All that has changed now. The buyer today has become a smart buyer as he/she has discovered the convenience of shopping online from the comfort of home or office.

The huge consumer demand, wider choice and variety of products available online has spurred the growth of online shopping. Goods from daily need items to electronics are now ordered online and delivered by all e-commerce across the globe.

What is packaging?

Packaging has become a very important part of online shopping. The packaging protects the product from bumps, breakages and spoilage, which has made it an indispensable part of the order delivery process.

The growth of the packaging industry

This manifold increase in online shopping has compelled the seller to package the goods in safe and secure packaging material. The demand for packaging has increased tremendously. Packaging supplies include cartons, air pillows, bubble wrap, shrink wraps, poly bags, paper fill products, tapes etc.

The growth of packaging products is directly proportional to the online shopping. As more and more buyer will choose online shopping, the demand of protective packaging will increase along with the growth of the handling and shipping industry as well.

A large online seller will use automated machines to pack the products, while a small e-business will prefer to use the poly mailers, poly bags and other protective mailers instead of the cardboard cartons to cut down on the packaging as well as the shipping costs.

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