Tammy Broccas November 28, 2018
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We have come to accept that technology is here to stay. The inventions of smartphones, smart TVs, and smart houses have become a must-have in households. New technology is making its way in front of our eyes every day. So, what about those in the writing industry? There is the new laptop, a voice recorder on a smartphone for when we need to “jot” something down in a hurry, and applications that help with brainstorming. All of those are major tech devices and software that we love, but what about new tech for writers to enhance the writing experience? Here is a list of new tech that writers will love.

Freedom & Anti-Social

An idea came to mind and now it’s time to put it on paper, or in Word. The only problem is those little online distractions such as Jimmy Fallon posting something about Kevin Hart that is a must read on Twitter or a celebrity Instagram post that that is intriguing with thousands of commenters opinions. Freedom is available on Mac and PC. Freedom will take you off of the Internet for a set period of time that you chose. It’s time to go back to the days where there was no internet. Most are good with turning off other transaction such as the television or radio. The timer within the application allows for better concentration and focus you to buckle down for 30 minutes, an hour, or two without being interrupted. The is also a feature called Anti-Social that will keep you off social websites that don’t pertain to your research if you do need the internet.

Das Keyboard

Everyone has something they love when it comes to sitting down and writing. Most keyboards now make a clicking sound when pressed that is addictive. The sound creates a positive notion in the brain that creates a satisfying work environment. Old-fashion typewriters may be expensive to acquire nowadays, but many love the metal clicking sound that gives it. A new tech was designed for a keyboard to give that same sound. It’s loud just like an old-fashioned typewriter. For those that are touch typist or like a challenge to improve their speed…

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