Tammy Broccas October 11, 2018
useless websites

People love taking breaks even at their workplace. The most frequented sites are social media platforms such as Facebook. But did you know there are useless websites that would be better? People know too well what they should be doing instead of being unproductive at work or school but they still spare some time and visit some useless websites to have fun or just to lose time.

However, it is by human nature that people get some time out of their busy schedule to go on the internet. The main reason lead to people frequenting these sites is because they are looking for something different from what they are currently doing which could be boring. While interruptions could kill your work productivity, visiting some of these sites will only take a maximum of your two minutes and that is enough to let you go back to your duties.

Check out these unblocked and just plain weird websites to waste a little bit of your time on but you have to promise that you are not going to be addicted. They are not arranged on any particular index and all of them are interesting depending on what are your likes and expectations.

The original useless website

This is the most brilliant website you will come across. Just like its name, when you click on the button on screen, it will take you to other random websites. If you want to kill time, this site will assist you accordingly. But, from time to time, the button will lead you to shopping websites. That may not be good for your time and for your wallet.

Pointless web

Just like its name, it is one of the pointless websites to spend your free time and experience a twist when you open the website.

Taco spin

This is one of the sites you should visit and see how mindless they are. Just imagine it is only a taco that spins! That’s all. If you accomplish something, the website will accomplish the spins you have watched and if you watch it for a long time you may feel like you have actually accomplished something…

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