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Memory care is a unique type of care offered to individuals who suffer from varying degrees of Alzheimer’s or dementia. It involves the creation of a structured environment with set routines and schedules.

This environment helps to create a stress-free lifestyle for residents. These programs also help to cultivate cognitive skills, which are beneficial for memory care patients.

While memory care offers quality services for seniors, some may still wonder if it is right for them or their senior loved ones. Keep reading to learn about some advantages here to find out if it is the best option.

Improved Safety

Memory care living communities have an array of features designed to ensure that residents remain safe. Some of the most common features in these facilities include alarmed doors, emergency response systems, and security cameras.

Each of the safety features is uniquely chosen to ensure seniors can’t wander out of the facility and handicap accessible environment. Most of these facilities offer enclosed courtyards outside too. This allows residents to enjoy being outdoors without the risk of getting lost.

Enhanced Services

The modern memory care facilities ensure that residents are properly cared for. To ensure this, they offer a selection of services.

Some of the most common services include housekeeping, escort assistance, transportation, laundry services, freshly prepared nutritious meals, and more. Many communities also offer residents access to on-site amenities, such as game rooms and libraries.

While these activities are beneficial, the staff is also trained to provide care, specifically, for those who have dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other similar memory issues. It’s designed to help those who have seen a doctor and received a diagnosis of these problems.

The Staff

The staff is the heart of the memory care facility. Each staff member is highly trained and passionately committed to each resident.

Also, those who work at memory care facilities receive initial, along with ongoing training on the proper care techniques for memory care patients. Staff members are present on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure that residents receive the care needed when it is needed.

An Appealing Environment

It’s important for memory care residents to be in an environment where they can thrive. This environment is one that feels both familiar and comfortable.

Many communities are like private homes. They include areas where residents can enjoy normal and everyday activities. Some features of these communities also include soothing colors, appealing floor patterns, and easy-to-navigate floor plans.

Improved Care

Not all individuals with dementia or Alzheimer’s have the same experience. Therefore, it is important to seek memory care services rather than care from a traditional nursing home.

With memory care services, the activities and techniques selected to result in a first-person approach to care. Residents and their families are much more comfortable and happier in this environment.

Condition Appropriate Activities

Every community enjoys engaging and fun activities every day. These include live entertainment, fitness classes, and social gatherings.

The activities at these facilities are designed to help residents with their condition. They help residents maintain existing skills and improve their cognitive functions.

Memory Care vs. Assisted Living

Some confuse memory care and assisted living facilities. A memory car unit is, in every way, designed for those who have memory care issues. For example, most facilities feature a circular layout because many people who have dementia feel significant stress when reaching a barrier, such as the end of a hall.

The circular layout also provides additional safety for the resident to wander. Unlike many assisted living facilities, memory care units aren’t equipped with private kitchens. This is by design, as it reduces the stress for those who have dementia.

Since those who have memory issues become confused and stressed easily, memory care units stress the importance of relaxation. This is achieved by creating areas where residents can gather, such as a television room, a painting in the hall, or a location with plenty of extra light.

A common symptom of Alzheimer’s is a lack of appetite. Because of this, some facilities put a fish tank in the dining room. Some studies have shown something as simple as watching the fish swim around can stimulate a person’s appetite.

These features aren’t typically offered in an assisted living facility, as these locations are typically more diverse in the residents who live there. They aren’t specifically designed for individuals with memory-related issues.

Is Memory Care Necessary?

There are several signs individuals can look for that can let them know their senior loved one may need memory care services. While an obvious sign of this is a diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s, another sign this service is needed is caregiver stress.

Providing care for a person with memory-related problems is a 24/7 job. If family members don’t seek respite care, it becomes impossible to sustain this level of care. Even when professional in-home care services are sought, trying to provide care for someone with memory issues is taxing.

If it becomes too much, considering a memory care facility is a good idea. Another sign memory care services are needed is if there is a decline in the individual’s overall health. As memory fails, it can also make other health concerns more pressing, including weight loss, medication not taken or overtaken, no food in the home, unpaid bills, and others.

If a senior’s loved ones notice these problems, it’s likely time to consider memory care. This facility can ensure the individual receives a high level of care they need while reducing the stress put on family members.

Finding the Right Community

Remember, not all memory care facilities are created equal. As a result, it’s a good idea to do plenty of research before deciding. By doing this, a family can feel confident they have found the right memory care residency for their loved one.

With the right memory care facility, a person can feel confident their loved one is getting the care they need. Just keep the information here in mind.

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