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Hospitality is often described as the refined way of doing things with the benefit of other people in mind. It is a collection of approaches or gestures that make guests feel good.

This characteristic, although intended to be manifested, often gets lost in big events. When the scene gets crazy and busy, event organizers and staff sometimes fail in demonstrating courtesy and being the best help that they can be to others.

According to the best event organizers in Dubai, there are often overlooked strategies that can outwork such a problem. One of them is a high-quality venue.

How a Great Venue Contributes to a Successful Event

For conferences, meetings, seminars, and even product launches, it’s easier to control a massive crowd by choosing to hold such events at top hotels or resorts for the following reasons:

  • The architecture is impressive
  • They have their trained staff to assist in the event
  • They have various amenities to keep guests comfortable and entertained during waiting times
  • They have a “presentation culture” to adhere to, which means upholding high standards in all aspects of operations is a must

What Makes a Venue Stand Out for Professional Events?

Venue options are certainly not limited to hotels or resorts. There are convention centers and other function halls to choose from. However, it’s worth noting that small details make or break them as choices for big professional events.

Eventologists or events experts say there are thoughtful features of a venue to consider for a great event if you wish to expand your selection beyond hotels and resorts. Five of them are discussed below:

1. Stately Entrance

This is considered the first greeting of an establishment. It should impress and inspire. This is the very reason why in-demand event venues hire the best interior designers, florists, and landscapers to create a grand entryway.

The wow factor should be present the moment guests pull up at the venue and not just upon seeing the stage for the affair.

2. Floor Layout

When it comes to the floor layout of the venue, it must be designed for everybody’s convenience. Or, it is workable in a way that the event planners can customize a plan to create a smooth flow for the affair.

This is an absolute must in ensuring everyone’s safety, especially if the place would be packed with attendees. No matter how big or small a place is, if the layout is all wrong, there’ll be traffic that can cause delays and even accidents during the event.

3. Architecture That Values the Natural Scenery

The most professional venues typically have gardens and rooms that open up to refreshing outdoor spaces. Any event venue that provides guests with a stunning scene to look at or retreat to can ensure a pleasant experience. Why?

Studies show that the living painting look of a garden never fails in setting a good impression. In a survey conducted by a top ryokan (traditional inn) in Japan, participants said garden views trigger happy memories or desires for something better.

4. Topnotch Catering

A venue that offers catering services is fantastic, but a venue that offers 5-star catering is an absolute winner. The best catering services know that their job is not just to provide delicious food but also to nourish event-goers.

To show flawless hospitality, the menu should be composed of dishes that make use of ingredients in their peak of flavor. In addition to that, the preparation of the food should be able to bring out the unique characteristics of the ingredients. It’s never just about providing food; it should be about creating a memorable experience with food.

5. Courteous Attendants

A 5-star venue always has friendly, knowledgeable, and respectful attendants. Attendees often require help; therefore, it only goes that there are people on standby who can assist them with their concerns.

Such attendants are different from typical ushers. These are properly trained individuals that would go out of their way to provide event-goers with the solutions they need – be it just a pen for writing or a means of transportation after the event.

Invest in a Top-Class Venue

To provide the best hospitality for a grand corporate event, there’s no questioning that you need to choose an excellent venue. It only promises advantages for the affair.

The search may prove difficult, but if you have veteran eventologists helping you out, you’ll have access to more options. They can even provide you with creative solutions and turn a basic venue into a first-class one.

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