Tammy Broccas July 7, 2018

Usually in life, if you are a pragmatic person then you will have no problem observing and admitting that your friends, acquaintances, relatives and people around you in general are doing great in their life, and it’s only you who not only still try to figure it out what to do with your life but you are also doing clueless surfing of other people’s success stories instead of making one of your own.

Not only you are wasting your time and life but you’re becoming so negative, even get jealous of them and their pitch perfections. To escape this scenario we absorb ourselves in our daily routines, with same chores and errands and no spark, energy or excitement. But today, we have better ways and options that can also tweak our sad life and turn it into an ideal life and level.

This methodology has numerous advantages and it is very easy to adopt. Once you come on a regular track with it then you will get used to it and it will assure you, your success and the magical twist in your life. This methodology that is suggestible to everyone is named S.T.A.R.T and is devised after a long observation, reading and testing of behaviors in the general public.


The first thing that you have to do in your life is to simplify. Now stop making your life complex with endless yet useless and meaningless chores that you opted just for keeping yourself busy with one thing or the other. Also, to reduce the stress and tension, you must cut out those things from your life that build negative pressure and thoughts in you. For instance, listening to sad songs or reading about heartbreak stories or depressing failures. To simplify further, spend some more time on the things that make you happy and if you fail to figure out then just spend some time with your friends, family or your favorite people…

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