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London Attractions


London Attractions


8 Lesser Known Things To Do In London

Next stop, London town! London is such a wonderful city to visit and it was the first city I ever truly fell in love with. There is nothing like a chilly London evening, with good coffee and great company. Don’t be a victim of the touristy duds, and instead check out my absolute favorite London gems. Here are 8 lesser known things to do in London:

1. The Monument

Also known as The Monument to the Great Fire of London, is a large column located West of the Tower of London and London Tower Bridge. This is one of those things that many tourists walk by or ‘see’, but never really take the chance to explore. On of my favorite things when traveling is finding really great views to photograph from. The Monument, which commemorates the Great Fire of London, has a 360 degree view once you climb to the top. Most people don’t know you can go to the top and see some incredible views! So if you happen to stumble upon this monument, don’t forget to make your way to the top.

2. Highgate Cemetery

If you’re creepy awesome like me, you love a good cemetery. Every great city has their fair share of famous headstones, and Highgate Cemetery contains Karl Marx among a few others. What’s most intriguing about this cemetery is the history of spooky activity and vampire hunters. Yes, vampire hunters. If you love a good fantasy adventure, you’ll have some fun here. The cemetery is super overgrown and adds to the creepiness and paranormal vibe. Definitely one of the best cemeteries you’ll ever see, especially if you are in to that uneasy feeling from your favorite horror movie.
Read Emily’s full article on her blog – click here.


When it comes to Christmas, it’s fair to say London (along with New York and Hamburg in my personal opinion) is one of the absolute best places to be to get into the festive spirit. Whether it’s the Christmas lights on regents street, the beautifully lit department stores or the plethora of pop ups and Christmas events that go on in and around the city I call home.

Every year myself and Jase have a few traditions we adhere to without fail, to get us into the Christmas spirit and to make the most of the most wonderful time of year. And after living in the big smoke for well over eight years now, I thought i’d share my little black book of London at Christmas with you too!

So whether you live here, are visiting from abroad, or simply fancy venturing in one day before the big day itself, there’s so much to see and do, you don’t want to miss it. Here are my top five things to do this Christmas in London.

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london attractions
london attractions
london attractions
london attractions

The London Complete(ly) Vegan Guide

London is such a giant city and it can be a little tricky to navigate as a vegan until you find your bearings, especially if you struggle with gluten as well. The city really has a lot to offer though and I hope this guide can inspire you on your visit. And if you live there I really hope I can add to your collection of treasures.

To make this guide a little easier to follow I have made sections based on where the places are located. We often speak about ‘central’, ‘east’, ‘west’ et cetera in London so that’s the way you can navigate below. There are mainly eateries as that is my top hobby but I have also added a couple of shops worth visiting and a few places where I like to practice yoga.

But before you dig into the all that London has offered me, here are some things to make your visit more fun (and easy):
– Take the bus sometimes to enjoy the views, and in general try not to travel during rush hour.
– Some health food chains: Planet Organic, Whole Foods, Holland and Barrett.
– Some chains offering descent options for desperate times: Busaba Eathai, Nando’s, Leon, Pret A Manger, Crussh, Pizza Express (gf and vegan option).

See the entire guide here.

8 Spots To Find The Best View Of London

If you’re looking to get a bird’s-eye view of London, there are several spots in the city that offer spectacular views. Don’t worry if you’re afraid of heights, as you’ll be sure to find a spot that fits both within your comfort level and budget.

I personally loved the view from the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral and if you visit just one place, I highly recommend this spot!

It may seem expensive at £18 per ticket, but London offers a 2 for 1 special to enter the cathedral when you present a National Rail ticket.

Whether you choose to pay the steep price at The Shard or enjoy a free view at London’s Sky Garden, here are the eight best spots to find the best view of the city!

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