Tammy Broccas December 6, 2019
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When it’s a pity to spend all the weekend cleaning, but you want to keep the coziness and cleanliness in the house, they come to the rescue – express cleaning methods. To get started, try to take this time-consuming process more comfortable – and these life hacks will help you save time and effort and maintain order for a long time.

1. Washing dishes immediately

The best time to do the dishes is right after you eat. If the dinner is long, pre-type warm water in the sink and add a little detergent. If you get used to this simple ritual, washing dishes will take you only a couple of minutes, while a mountain of dried dishes can be washed all day. But the dishwasher is still the most ideal way to save time.

2. To make everything shine

Ideal helper in the fight against plaque is plumbing-soda and vinegar. With their help, you can easily remove stains and rust from a tap, metal handles and other accessories.

Fighting with another type of plaque – scum – is more convenient if you have a glass of soda on hand. Sprite or lemonade should be poured into a teapot or coffee maker, and after half an hour from the raid there will be no trace.

3. Don’t forget to vacuum

But we choose a powerful 2-in-1 technique. If the model is modern, it is suitable not only for cleaning the floor but being equipped with a efficient suction power it becomes an ideal device for cleaning all kinds of horizontal surfaces. With it, you no longer need to collect crumbs and earth from under the flowers with a rag: which means no crumbs and small debris on the floor! Bet on a light model – it is very convenient to clean the interior, upholstered furniture and even appliances with it.

4. Perfect plumbing

Another eco-friendly cleaning tool in the bathroom is soda. Sprinkle it on the inside of the toilet and wait a couple of minutes. After that, wipe everything with a brush and rinse the water several times to get a snow-white surface.

5. No smell!

During cleaning, apply disinfectants on metal and ceramic surfaces, pour a little into pipes and treat the stove. Smells will disappear. And in the refrigerator you can put several tablets based on activated carbon – they adsorb the smell of food.

6. Cleaning hard-to-reach spots

Toothbrush is a doubly useful invention. With its help, you cannot only conduct oral hygiene, but also clean all sorts of hard-to-reach places in the house: corners, notches and the like.

7. What to do with technology?

To remove static electricity from computer screens and TVs, two things are needed: an antistatic and a napkin. They not only eliminate stress but also correctly clean the surface.

8. How to remove dust without streaks?

Dust in the interior is a universal scourge. There is an excellent way to remove it without leaving stains: Use dilute vinegar at the rate of 2 tablespoons per 1 liter of water.

9. Is wool everywhere? We clean easily!

The fur that our furry friend leaves everywhere can infuriate anyone. To quickly clean sofa or carpet, use an ordinary rubber spatula or window cleaner in the car. These “things” work wonders!

10. Order in the nursery

According to modern living 101, you need to put extra boxes to get rid of extra things in the nursery like toys, stationary and books – all this is necessary to put in boxes and baskets especially prepared for this. Sometimes scattered things are the main culprits for the mess in the house.

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