Tammy Broccas October 17, 2018
Learn to play the guitar

Everyone knows that exercise is good for health and yet millions of people starting exercises with a lot of excitement are unable to sustain the routine and finally give it up. The same thing happens when you see a lot of youngsters attracted to the style and charisma of guitars and guitarists and feel an intense desire to learn to play the instrument, but the outcome is similar to what happens with exercising. The initial euphoria does not last long, and most learners end up quitting early, unable to have the patience and perseverance necessary to complete the learning process.

There is a wrong perception among the youth today that believes in instant gratification and want to have everything too much and too soon. Just as a plant needs time to grow appropriately, learning music and playing the guitar like a pro also takes time.

Learning is a process that has its growth structure, and learners have to take one step at a time, complete the learning of each step before moving on to the next one. Picking the strings of a guitar accurately takes time and how much time it takes depends on the skills, desire, and attitude of the learner. The natural growth process is fraught with making mistakes and learning from it which tests the patience and commitment of learners. Being a guitarist can never happen very soon just as it took time to build Rome that could have never happened in a day.

Have the right mindset

You have to love music first and be clear in your mind about why you want to learn the guitar that develops a sense of commitment that pushes you through the long journey and keeps you motivated. While it is easy to gather information about guitar lessons from websites that carry a lot of information about guitars, learning needs a proper mindset.

Do some introspection and ask some questions to yourself to judge if you are genuinely passionate to learn the guitar or the urge is just some momentary emotion that would die down soon. To reach your full musical potential, you need complete support from your mind. The better you can evaluate your abilities and believe in it; easier will be the process of learning…

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