Tammy Broccas November 1, 2018
java coding

In the ever growing world of the Internet, learning programming became quite a fruitful job opportunity. Although I wouldn’t call myself a professional programmer by far, I was always interested in learning the basics at least – especially Java.

Since I don’t have the time to completely dedicate myself to any Java tutorial or any other programming language, I decided to check out if there’s a way to learn 101 of Java without spending too much time or money.

While going through quite a number of online courses I stumbled upon a few apps claiming to offer the right education. This gave me an idea to dig deeper and check out other apps in hopes of finding some that might be worth my while. Finally, I found a helpful site that lists supposed top 10 Java learning apps. Here’s the list if you want to check it out.

After an extensive search, I picked 3 apps I found to be the best.

SoloLearn – A Fun Way to Learn Programming

The first that caught my eye was an eye-catchy design. This, of course, doesn’t tell much about app’s functionality, but I like to think if developers put time into the design, they also put the time in the features. You start by creating a profile and then you’re off. SoloLearn is one of those apps that embraces the gamification approach to learn, in other words, giving the educational experience a gaming touch.

And I got to say I like it. You level up each time you answer questions correctly and there’s even an option to compete against other players/students! Finally, you can also interact with other people. All in all, I found SoloLearn to have all the right features to make learning less stressful.

The only thing I didn’t like is ads that sometimes pop up in the middle of a lesson. I understand the need for ads since the app is free, but I think they can be put more “strategically”. Maybe at the end of the lesson because while the ad ends I already forget where I last stopped. Besides that…

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