Tammy Broccas August 22, 2018
kebo futon sofa bed

Most probably you are trying to make the most out of the space you have whether small or spacious. Sophisticated and stylish furniture that will not consume all your space will be most welcome. Kebo Futon sofa bed might be your perfect solution. This is because this product will enable you to maximize either your small or large space with a very comfortable and practical sofa bed.

Kebo Futon sofa bed is basically a sofa or a couch, simple and sophisticated type of furniture with microfiber cover and consists in very well hidden metal frame and a thin mattress that can be unfolded to make up a queen size bed that can accommodate a single person so comfortably, two persons as well. The beauty part of it is that it can be easily converted from a lounger to a sleeper.

The Kebo Futon sofa bed comes in multiple colors which include black, charcoal, red, navy and brown. These colors give you a variety of choices to choose the one that perfectly matches with your décor to ensure your stylish lifestyle is not compromised just because you purchased a sofa bed.

Imagine furniture that brings both function and style in your home? It must be amazing. This unique furniture can quickly and easily be folded into a modern beautiful stylish sofa or a full-size bed. It’s also easy to assemble to any of these functions.

The impressive thing about this piece of furniture is that it requires very minimal assembly requirements and it converts quickly and easily from sofa to a bed. It gives you an easy time to hang out on a lazy quiet afternoon or simply catch some sleep at night.

It is most ideal for indoor purposes. You don’t have to worry about scuffs or scratched floor while assembling or using this sofa bed since it has padding under its feet. This simple and sophisticated seat come bed has lightweight futon frames which makes it quite simple to move around the house including up and down stairs.

This sofa bed is ideal for any home since it can be used for various purposes such as extra sleeping space for your guests, a…

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