Tammy Broccas October 23, 2018
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You all have must heard a lot about online gaming, its different types and genres and how you can earn money through it. But have you ever heard about online gaming as an addiction? Do you think that playing games on the Internet can be an addiction? Well, to find out more you will have to be connected with me as I will let you know in this article that whether online games can really be an addiction or not.

What is addiction?

Well, addiction is that state where a person craves or need more and more substance for which he is craving in order to survive and if he is not able to get that substance, he becomes miserable both mentally and physically and starts harming himself.

Online gaming is somewhat like gambling. Like gambling is fine till then you are not so much involved into it and ultimately not become an addict of it, same is with online gaming. Online gaming is so much enjoyable and impactful that it affects our mind and ones the person goes deep into the online gaming world, he becomes the addict. There are various online gambling sites available like jocuricalaaparate.biz, where players actually play the game at a normal pace and earn money through it. Everything in this world if used in an excessive amount will be an addiction.

Basically, online gaming is not an addiction at all, it’s the people whom it depends, whether to play at a normal pace or whether to stick to the game and be an addict.

Warning Signs of Addiction

Spending a lot of time playing online games can’t be a necessarily qualified for the sign of addiction. One cannot call a hardcore player as a gaming addict. What matters most is controlling the online gaming activity, is the player able to control his gaming activity?

Following are the warning signs of online gaming addiction:

  • Playing for an excessive amount of time.
  • Always thinking about gaming while doing other stuff.
  • Playing online games to escape from real-life problems.
  • Feeling quite irritated and disturbed when trying to have a break or cut on online games.
  • Being isolated and disconnected to friends and family just to play online games.

Measurable Steps for Parents

As I said, anything in excess is harmful and can be an addiction. So, if you are a parent and reading this piece of the article then, there are some measurable steps for you which you can take in order to have a check on your child’s gaming activity, to check whether they are addicted to online games or not. For this you can do a good documentation of your child’s gaming behavior and can include these things into it:

  • Do keep logs of when your child play online games and check the duration of playing time.
  • Notice those problems which are resulting from online game playing.
  • Observe the child’s reaction when you set certain time limits for the game playing.

Also, take help from professional if you observe any problem or find any sign of addiction.

Online Game Detoxification

Treating online game addiction is similar to detoxification of other addictions. Computers and mobile phones have become an integral part of everyday life. In this era, you can’t imagine a life without a smartphone or a computer, so is with compulsive gamers. PC or a smartphone is everything to them, they can’t resist themselves from these gadgets as these gadgets have become a source through which they will satisfy their craving for online gaming.

As online game addicts can’t resist them from using computers or smartphones, they will have to learn to use them wisely and responsibly in the proper guidance of their family or friends. The detoxification of online game addiction is saying no to online gaming. Showing them that they are powerless over their game addiction and teaching them the real excitement and joy of life and telling them the benefits of online games and playing it just for the sake of fun and to not include online gaming in the routine of their life so much that it becomes an addiction.


So, the bottom line of this question that whether online game is an addiction or not is that, yes it is an addiction if played too much. In fact, each and every substance in this world is an addiction if used or consumed too much.

Online gaming is not bad, it a boon for hardcore players. Online gaming has opened so many job opportunities for gamers and they are earning pretty well through it. Take online gaming as a positive thing and do not get indulge into it so much that it creates problems for you later. Parents should have a check on their child’s online gaming activity and they do not allow computers or phones to them whenever they ask for.

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