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etched iridescent glass door

Interior designing is no longer limited to structuring your house. It is more about adding value and aesthetics in your private space that leaves a lasting impression on guests as well.

Expanding one’s vision of interior decoration, the market is flooded with many door and window designs to choose from. For those who wish to stand out of the crowd, here’s something new waiting for you.

Etched Iridescent Glasses – A Trending Interior Approach

Some of you may not be familiar with the term yet must have seen it around for sure. It is one of the most popular glass types which are highly recommended for corporate use. Witnessing its benefits and unique look, people have started to prefer it for residential users as well.

Etched glasses are infused with a unique technique of developing art or design on the upper layer of the glass by using caustic, abrasive or acidic elements. The most common acid used to obtain design on its top layer is hexafluorosilicic.

Why Are Etched Iridescent Glasses Preferred The Most?

The acid used for glass designing brings a blurred layer on top, making it an economical yet classy option for maintaining privacy within rooms or cabinets. And, as per the latest home exterior trends, when having wall-size glasses in the room, prefer etched iridescent glasses over the ordinary that suit both the purposes (interior as well as privacy).

To suit different interior decoration themes (loud or sober), there are multiple styles available, including- screen printing, Iridescent patterns, etc.

8 Reasons Justifying the Use of Etched Iridescent Glasses for Doors

1. Endless Options

There might be times when you will start finding the already existing design mundane and want to get it changed. In this case, you can always have access to multiple designs and shapes including corner decals, border decals, oval decals, and much more.

Right from vibrant colors to the sober white-colored pattern, you can go for any option suiting your overall decor theme.

2. Unique

For those who are particular about designs and door shapes, creative etched iridescent glasses are what you must look upon. These are fully customizable art glasses best to suit your unique interior decor theme or ideas. All you need is to associate with the right provider, and you can get the best of etched iridescent glasses.

3. Economical

Without hitting hard on your pocket, these glasses can turn your premises into private cabinets with more privacy. Available in different designs, sizes, and quality, etched glasses allow sufficient sunlight to prove it as a perfect door glass option.

4. Turns Into Shower Glass

Just in case, you are in love with a shower curtain but now wants to get rid of them, then here is a perfect option waiting for you. The etched glasses can be stuck on your bathroom glasses, giving you enough liberty to enjoy your shower time without worrying about privacy.

5. Automatic Glass Strengthening

The glasses are made with sandblasting which often weakens the glass with time resulting, a minor crack turns into broken glass. In such circumstances, a thick layer of etched iridescent glass not just enhances the overall look and feel but somewhere strengthens the glass too.

However, make sure to be concerned when peeling off the etched glass layer. And just in case the base glass is thin, avoid peeling off the overlapped iridescent glass to prevent the glass from breaking.

6. Durable

When an etched glass works as a protecting shield for the glass, it is useless to question the durability. Usually, the etched iridescent glasses come with no less than ten years warranty which eventually makes it a smart interior decor choice to have for your home or office area.

7. Quick Installation

There are no such hard-and-fast rules to install it. The process is quite simple; all you need is to stick it on the glass door first and then peel off the decals slowly. As these are non-adhesive decals, you need to worry not about any sticky residue left on the doors. The stuck decals can be peeled off and pasted again, whenever required.

8. Easy Removal

When you won’t experience any hassle while applying decals, so is when you peel off them. It is a sort of thick transparent sheet which when peeled off from one corner starts to leave the glass surface, making the design appear clearer on the door.

This glass type is readily used for multiple door and window types. However, the quality, pattern, size, and shape may vary from door or window glass quality.


Etched Iridescent Glasses are quite in demand due to its incredible design quality and durability. These glasses come in customizable patterns and sizes, which makes it a super-cool option to have in your home or office area.

This glass type comes with its range of leverages mentioned above. Due to this, it has soon become one of the most preferred glass types for multiple purposes. Do let us know of your experience with such glass in-home or office decor in the comments section below.

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