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cctv video surveillance

You might have tried setting up a few CCTV cameras in corporate ground and have connected those to your company’s Wi-Fi connection. You think you are safe, but this measure isn’t enough. For the starters out there, you cannot just expect the security pro to sit right in front of the monitor all day long. Yes, their job is to look for any malicious activity but they are human beings too, and people have their own needs. On the other hand, no matter how small it might be, cameras are not quite inconspicuous.

So, instead of those bigger and broader machines, there are some recent innovations in the field of surveillance systems, which will definitely help you to stay ahead of criminals now. You can use the mechanisms sometimes for spotting any criminal activity, and can use others for predicting behavior and also for spotting some anomalies.

All weather radio frequency surveillance

This is a high end form of security system, which is widely used by military installations. This mechanism offers radio frequency detection with the aim to help spot intruders.

  • The machines will work in any harsh weather condition, whether heavy fog or rain, and can easily be used for spotting intrusions at night where there is no light whatsoever.
  • This mechanism is self-contained. So, you will receive a pre-assembled kit, which is well tested before installing.

Lock cameras onto intruders with Safezone

This is another new form of surveillance technology, where details are scarcely known. This Safezone technology is used for spotting presence of weapon on intruder.

  • In larger areas, a sentinel or the main processing computer local to video system is installed on every 10 security cameras.
  • The main aim of software is to detect shape of firearm.
  • Once detected, this technology can easily trigger events like locking doors, calling some law enforcements and even tracking the intruder’s location automatically on video.

Super high definition video

Currently available in beta testing, this is a new form of domed surveillance camera, designed to provide a clearer advantage. For all those large companies willing to get more details in security systems, this camera feed will show 4 times the present number of pixels of 1080p HD video system.

  • With such a crystal clear clarity, security teams can always identify threats to locked down data center or any of the company headquarters.
  • With the help of this HD quality surveillance camera, you can easily get the opportunity to compare face of known criminal to that of the current photo database.

Surveillance feeds on smartphones

Some of the traditional corporate security products use hard wired cameras, which are scattered around the building, which tap into computer terminal or even security station. With the help of selected surveillance systems, the video feed will be piped down to smartphone for that amazing mobile surveillance. It is mostly used by retailers and this mobile software can be used to show multiple cameras on just one screen.

That’s the beauty of technology, which keeps on growing with every passing day!
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