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Bedrooms are meant to be cozy. They should be snuggle-up-and-watch-a-movie comfortable and invite a deep, rejuvenating sleep. If you’ve ever wanted to give your bedroom a facelift but have been unsure as of how to make your space the coziest it can be, you have found what you’ve been looking for. Here are 5 great ways to take your bedroom from cold to cozy.

Layers of rugs

If your bedroom is plagued by cold hardwood floors, you know how unappealing stepping out of your warm bed can be. This problem has a relatively simple fix that will not only become your go-to cold feet solution but make your bedroom cozy and comfy… rugs. Layering the right rugs can transform your space in a matter of minutes.

Rug layering is the most successful when the base rug is bigger than the top rug, which makes an all-natural fibre carpet a popular candidate as they are generally quite large, not to mention that they come in a variety of intricate weave patterns. The rugs placed on top should have a contrasting texture. Generally, room decor experts recommend a flat base rug with a fluffy, long-haired rug over top, with shag rugs coming in first place in terms of popularity.

Candles galore

Candles have long been used to provide comfort, but in today’s day and age, their charm has been largely forgotten in favor of funky lamps and globe lights. To bring a piece of traditional comfort to your bedroom, find a safe place to set a few candles, turn the lights off, and relax by candlelight. After all, there’s something special about the flicker of a flame casting shadows on the wall and and the faces of those in the room.

If you’re prone to falling asleep when you get comfortable, consider investing in a few flameless candles. They are generally battery powered and, as their name suggests, don’t require the use of a flame, making them a safe option for those with a tendency to get too relaxed. The bonus here? They look just as stylish as regular candles!

Piece-of-heaven pillow toppers

Pillow top mattresses are highly sought after bedroom staples. They’re not only great for general comfort but are ideal for providing relief to achy muscles and joints. This being said, they often come with a hefty price tag that renders them out of reach to many people in the market for a new mattress. Additionally, they cannot be flipped so one side will always be subject to wear and tear while the other remains dent-free.

Pillow toppers are much more affordable option. They come in all of the standard bed sizes and come with a much smaller price tag. They can also be flipped and turned as you see fit, allowing your entire topper to get used as opposed to one side of your pillow top mattress. Pillow toppers, together with high quality bed sheets, will make your bed more luxurious than ever.


Texture, in all its forms, has a certain appeal. It makes us want to reach out and touch, or, in your bedroom’s case, lie down for a nap or snuggle in for a good movie. When decorating your bedroom, be sure to consider the use of textures wherever possible.

A textured rug, blanket, headboard, or piece of wall decor can go a long way- especially if they are paired together and distributed throughout the room. A textured focal point with striking colors paired with a variety of solid colored items with fun textures can make a big difference in the overall comfort levels of your room.

This isn’t to say, however, that textures with contrasting color palettes can’t be pleasing, so don’t be afraid to mix and match colors within your textured items.

Scent-sational smells

In recent years, essential oils have found their way onto the market – and into bedrooms. Their diffusers are sleek and appealing to look at, coming in an array of styles, shapes, and color schemes, while the oils themselves are just as diverse in terms of scent and what each one offers.

A few of the most popular scents include lavender, grapefruit, tea tree, and mint. Each one brings with it a sense of comfort and induces relaxation. Essential oils can also be used for meditation and to ease the symptoms of ailments such as anxiety and depression through a process known as “scent therapy”.

Cozy and classic can go hand in hand. By keeping the above items at the front of your mind when you go shopping with comfort as a priority, you can rest assured that you’ll put together a cozy bedroom that makes you glad to come home each night.
This article was written by Sebastian Morales, the Founder and CEO of Good & Bed. Prior to Starting Good & Bed, Sebastian was an investment banker based in New York City.

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