Tammy Broccas August 20, 2018
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It comes as no surprise that the internet has provided a multitude of ways that you can use to promote your music for free. You can now grow your fan base and make a ton of cash by promoting your music online. You literally do not need to get out of your house to make sales from your music. What a long way we have come, right?

While all this may sound terrific, there is a twist to it. Te availability of these numerous ways to promote your music online means one thing. You need to be very strategic, knowledgeable and focused on the intended result you are looking for. Armed with this information, you can then wisely choose a few ways that can fast track you towards your goals.

Here are a few free online marketing ideas you could use.

Social media

If there’s something we all use, its social media. We are all on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter these days. Heck, my grandma is on social media too! However, you may not be maximizing on social media to use it to its full potential when it comes to marketing your music.

Social media is definitely NOT what you would refer to as a straight-up marketing platform. In actual sense, it is a catalyst for both word-of-mouth marketing and conversation. On average, 80% of your posts should be humorous, conversational, witty and interesting, leaving only about 20% of promotional content.

That doesn’t mean that posts can’t be both conversational and promotional. You just need to learn about how you can frame your content in an interesting way. If you are in the studio recording a new album, for example, try and sprinkle little snippets on social media. Post a story about your experience in the studio that day. Share a photo or post a short teaser video of a song.

If you are on tour, take pictures at the venues or post short videos or pictures of your audiences. These aren’t directly promotional things, but they still keep fans in touch with what’s going on.

Remember, when it comes down to it, social media isn’t the end-all-be-all of promoting your music. It potentially becomes a huge time suck and can tear you away from your music unless you learn how…

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