Tammy Broccas January 29, 2019
gardening at home

A beautiful garden mesmerizes your heart and soul, especially if it’s well-maintained.

A garden filled with vegetables, fruits, and colorful flowers is aesthetically pleasing for one and all. But, it comes with its responsibilities!

One of the deadliest things that can happen to your garden is when a plant is affected by a disease. And, you don’t know how to deal with it.

How to stop it from spreading? How to prevent such occurrences in the future?

How to maintain a garden at home?

Maintaining a garden, even if it’s small, and keeping it green and healthy is quite daunting.

So, here are the best 11 garden maintenance tips you could follow to keep it happy and healthy!

11 Easy Garden Maintenance Tips

1. Soil: First Things First

Firstly, plants need to be surrounded with healthy soil.

  • Make sure you use a digging spade and turn the soil in your garden, every month.
  • This will keep the soil light and loose, especially if the soil is hard. Harder soils like clay tend to become crumbly and rock-hard with time. And, you need to prevent that from happening.
  • Hence, the regular turning of soil is great to make it porous and improve its absorption abilities.

2. Top it Up with Compost

Clay soils tend to remain loose and healthy for a long period if you top it up with organic compost.

If using yard waste, make sure it is fully and thoroughly composted to kill any pathogens that might be present. That’s because already infected debris will only cause diseases in your garden!

3. Make Use of Best Gardening Tools

Just as a Chef needs to have precisely arranged knife collection, a Gardener also needs to own the best gardening tools.

Good-quality rakes, spade, shovel, wheelbarrows, trowel and mowers are essential to keep your garden healthy.

4. Water Them Nicely

Plants cannot survive without the right amount of moisture.

  • Flower beds need to be watered evenly.
  • Make sure you water your plants early in the morning or evening, as the weather is much cooler. Hence, water won’t get evaporated.
  • Avoid watering leaves, or else they might catch mold.

If you are too busy and don’t have time for daily watering, you can opt for plants like Jasmine, Verbena or Blanket Flowers, as they…

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