Tammy Broccas February 27, 2019
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Unlike other tasks you usually have at home, a move can be more exhausting. A move can be seen as a long-term commitment because you’ll have to accomplish tasks months and weeks before the move. Depending on where you’ll be moving, you might even be required to prepare a large amount of money to make the move possible.

And no matter how much you want to lay in bed the moment you arrive in your new home, you can’t – you still have to unpack all of your valuables and arrange these neatly in the right areas of the home. Leaving all of these in your moving boxes for weeks can be an option, but this sight can cause more stress and even slip and fall accidents at home.

Aside from hiring stress-free movers, there are actually simple ways on how to have a relaxing home after your move. Once you follow these, you’ll be able to relieve all the stress you had because of the move. After all, you deserve a break. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Add vases with your favorite flowers as often as possible

Think of your top five flower choices and start scouting for these once you’ve settled in your new home. If there are nearby flower shops around the neighborhood, regularly buy flowers and have them displayed in different parts of your home.

Flowers are soothing to the eyes and nose, making it easy for you to relax because flowers add a feel of nature to your home which can also oxygenate and clean the air.

2. Get rid of clutter regularly to avoid it from piling up

Entering a room with a pile of soiled clothes, malfunctioning appliances and broken furniture can be really stressful. Instead of relaxing, you’ll end up being more stressed. You’ll be thinking about when and how you can get rid of the sight in front of you.

You can prevent this from happening once you get rid of clutter regularly. Regardless of how sentimental an item is, if it’s no longer doing anything to you or to your home, dispose it immediately. Don’t let it take valuable space or collect dust in one corner of your room.

3. Be careful on the colors you pick for your home, both interior, and exterior

Your color choices can make or break the ambiance of your home. If you pick one which is too bright, you might have a hard time keeping your energy levels low. On the other side of the coin, if you pick a color which is too dull or monotonous, your home might look dry and unappealing.

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