Tammy Broccas March 16, 2018
woodworms treatment

One of the most common terms that the inhabitants of any home have heard about is woodworms. They are the small insects that have made tiny little holes in the wood work of your home. Not only they make tiny holes in your wood but also make it shallow from inside and thus weaken its durability. There are many ways of telling whether they have infested your house or not or whether their cycle is active or inactive after the last attempts you made for getting rid of them.

How They Inhabit Your Home?

The main culprit for this spread is the infected timber. Once you have brought an infected timber in your home then it is bound to live, spread and infect the wood in your house. Be it the old furniture or your new cupboards and fireplace anything and everything can be their prey. They enter your house through this timber and then hideaway in the cracks and breaks here and there to lay eggs. The eggs then hatch and transform into larvae which stay and eat your timber and wood and then transform into a big beetle. This beetle then restarts the entire cycle while spreading in number and infecting your house wood further.

How to Figure the Woodworms Out?

Woodworm beetle has many types and species. Each of them has a complex study and a complex cycle of likes, habits and infections. But generally, you can hear closely in your wood for a ticking sound which signifies that your wood is the home for the Deathwatch Beetle. You can also look for them in the following 3 ways according to specialists and expect to find…

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