Tammy Broccas October 14, 2018
plagiarism checker

These are the tools used to detect instances of plagiarism within a document. The detection of plagiarism can be done manually or in form of software-assisted although the manual detection is a bit tricky and tiresome as well. This is because it requires excellent memory and it is more impractical especially where a lot of documents are to be compared or the original documents are not available for comparison to be done.

The use of computers and the internet has now made it easy to plagiarize work from different sources. It allows a vast collection of documents and enables comparisons for successful detection of plagiarism. In most cases, plagiarism is found in academia for documents such as essays and reports. Moreover, it is also found virtually in any field like novels, art designs and source codes.

However, is it worth checking for plagiarism for your documents? If you are asking yourself this question or any other related question to plagiarism, read on and make an informed decision. The available online plagiarism tools are actually extremely useful and the only challenge would be the cost involved. Don’t forget the time required to have a thorough check especially if you have too many documents to work on. To consider this and much more, check out the list of items below to see when it is important or necessary to check a document for plagiarism:

1. Plagiarism compared to similarities

Kindly note that plagiarism checkers will find possibilities in almost every document. Investigating the sections of a manuscript with similarities can take a considerable amount of work to investigate for you to come up with a conclusion. Some type of similarities can be seen as acceptable in instances where an author has used some reference for his or her earlier work but this will still register as a suspect when using a plagiarism checker.

2. The cost involved

Remember, the best online plagiarism checkers are normally paid per manuscript and this can be quite expensive. It is not important to run this similarity checker on every document because this can turn out as a misuse of your resources. Alternatively, recognize the trends and identify that manuscript that you suspect and you strongly feel that it requires a checker but don’t do that to all the documents that come your way. This way, you will have saved your time, resources and come up with quality and original contents. True, there are also a lot of websites promoting themselves as free plagiarism checker but use them with caution. They may be limited in some ways such as the number of documents allowed for free online plagiarism checker or their effectiveness…

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