Tammy Broccas February 3, 2019
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When you’ve put time, effort, and energy into loving someone and developing a relationship with them, you expect it to last a lifetime.

So, it’s only natural that if things don’t go as planned, that you’d be psychologically impacted by it all. Divorce or the break-up of a long-term relationship is often compared to losing a loved one to death.

The only difference is the person is still here (just no longer married or involved with you). That can be a tough pill to swallow and it affects more than just your wallet and daily routines.

Whether you’re the one who decided it was time to leave the marriage or the relationship, your partner unknowingly told you they wanted out, or the two of you decided together that things just weren’t healthy anymore, grieving the loss of something that was once near and dear to you will challenge you in ways you never imagined.

Though it hurts bad and the healing won’t happen overnight, here are some solutions to emotionally coping with a divorce:

Watch What You Turn to

It’s human nature to want to find instant comfort to unexplainable emotional pain. However, some sources of “relief” are temporary and do more harm than good.

After a bad break-up, there are certain things you should not turn to for comfort or to numb the pain. This includes jumping into another relationship, gorging on junk food, drinking alcohol, or using drugs.

These are all unhealthy for you and won’t help you deal with the underlying hurt. If you’ve become addicted to food, drugs, or alcohol, the first thing you need to do is find a drug rehab addiction treatment center.

Get Help and Support

Time alone may be what you need for a while, but too much isolation can result in substance abuse and even mental illness as you become more trapped in your thoughts.

During this time getting support from family, friends, and even professional therapists are recommended to get you through.

While your family and friends are great for providing a listening ear, shoulder to cry on, or fun distraction, a therapist can help you deal with your emotions and helping you to find your new…

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