Tammy Broccas June 10, 2020
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What motorcycle helmet to buy? This is the big recurring question. For this we explain everything you should know when you want to buy a motorcycle helmet. This is the perfect place to clear all your doubts.

Getting the motorcycle helmet right is the most basic thing for your safety. There are many doubts about it. So here, we wanted to offer you the definitive guide to know how to choose your perfect motorcycle helmet and be very clear about which motorcycle helmet to buy. Because your safety is the most important thing.

So in this post we are going to tell you everything you should know about the types of road motorcycle helmet and that sometimes, we do not stop to analyze. These are the main questions that arise about the motorcycle helmet:

  • Types of motorcycle helmets
  • Main differences between the types of motorcycle helmets
  • Materials

What Motorcycle Helmet To Buy?

Where do we start? The first and most basic thing to consider before buying a motorcycle helmet is to identify your needs: do you go a lot on a motorcycle? What type of biker are you? What type of motorcycle do you have and, above all, what budget do you have?

With that said, we started talking about, what types of motorcycle helmet are there and what materials are used to manufacture them?

In the motorcycle helmet market, we can find many types of helmets. We can identify 2 basic categories ignoring the off-road helmets that will have their own buying guide and which we will talk about in another post.

First, the type of road helmet. Here we can find 3 great families.

  1. An integral motorcycle helmet. It is the one that quickly comes to mind when we talk about a motorcycle helmet. It is the most common and, as you can see, it is a one-piece helmet, which protects our chin with a fixed chin guard and incorporates a screen that offers a high degree of soundproofing.
  2. In this type of helmets there is also the Adventure full face helmet, prepared for mixed use on and off the road. For example, we can remove the screen and it has a visor. We can also wear cross glasses.
  3. Modular or folding motorcycle helmet. As you probably know, these are helmets that allow us to open the chin guard. To circulate with the chin guard open it is necessary that they have a P / J certification or double homologation. These types of helmets offer us a more open field of vision and are usually used by urban and touring users.
  4. And finally, there is the jet helmet, a helmet intended more for urban use, which leaves the face and chin exposed and offers a lower degree of safety in the event of a fall.

Second, there is another great category: the helmet range. Like everything in life, there are 3 great ranges: input range, medium and high range. This responds to the components, the material chosen for its manufacture and the characteristics of the brand. A Ferrari is not the same as a Dacia (with all due respect). Well the same goes for helmets.

And finally, it must be remembered that there is also a motorcycle helmet with an integrated sun visor and helmets with a visor, generally intended for off-road or adventure use (as we have said before). These additions are also related to the previous two points.


The motorcycle helmet is the mandatory safety element all across the globe. So choosing your motorcycle helmet is the riders market picks to have all the guarantees of safety and, above all, comfort. If you want more information, don’t forget that in the left menu you have everything about the motorcycle helmet.

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