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With so many microwaves on the market it’s understandable if you find it difficult to choose one to buy. By type, microwave ovens can be divided into freestanding and built- in depending on the location. In appearance and characteristics, such furnaces are no different from each other. The advantage of embedded models is the saving of kitchen space. However, a drawback should be noted – the cost of built-in microwave ovens is higher than free-standing ones.

It should be remembered that it is necessary to install a built-in microwave so that there is free space around it for heat dissipation.

Inner coating

Enamel is the most popular option. Advantages – low cost compared to other models, ease of cleaning (just wipe with a soapy sponge). The disadvantage is low strength, when exposed to high temperature, the enamel may crack.

Paint is the cheapest and at the same time the most fragile coating.

Stainless steel – such models are highly durable, but there are certain difficulties when cleaning, since not all washcloths and detergents can be used.

Ceramics and bioceramics are durable, easy-to-wash coatings, have high resistance to tanning. Microwaves are minimally absorbed, which ensures quick cooking. The disadvantage is the high cost.

Today, the most expensive models can have an antibacterial coating, which significantly reduces the growth of microbes in the furnace chamber.


Microwaves can be divided into three categories by volume: small-sized (12–20 l), medium-sized (21–27 l), and large (28–42 l).

Small-sized ovens are suitable for heating food and preparing hot sandwiches for 1-2 people. Microwaves of medium and large sizes can provide complete cooking, for example, chicken, goose. For a family of 2-3 people, a 17-25 liter oven is quite suitable. If the family consists of 4-6 people, then an oven of 30 liters or more will be the best solution.

Important: the larger the microwave, the larger its size. This circumstance should be taken into account if the choice fell on the integrated unit.


Power can be from 500 to 1500 watts or more. Naturally, the higher the power, with other indicators unchanged, the faster the dishes will cook or warm up.

The most acceptable power is 800-1000 W, since such a model is optimal in terms of price, cooking time and energy consumption. Do not forget that not every wiring can withstand significant loads.

There are models of furnaces with inverter power control, i.e. microwave power is continuously adjustable using a special mechanism. This heating/cooking allows you to maximize the texture and nutritional properties of food.

Power levels

To prepare a variety of dishes, it is necessary to regulate the intensity of heating products in the oven. As a rule, 4-10 levels are provided in microwave ovens. The more such levels, the more accurately you can set the optimal radiation power for a particular dish.

Type of control

Mechanical – cheap and easy to use models. Runtime and power are regulated by a circular switch.

Mechanical control has a number of disadvantages: relatively low accuracy of adjustments, limited functionality, and inconvenience to care for. A serious minus of such management is the inability to accurately track the remaining time until the completion of the preparation of the dish.

Electronic – models with a keypad or touchpad and display. It makes it possible to use more functions only by pressing the corresponding button. More versatile than mechanical microwaves. Such models are much more expensive, but this is completely blocked by their multifunctionality.

It is better to choose a microwave with a touch panel – this panel is spectacular in appearance, easy to clean and less dirty.


There are three main types of stoves:

A conventional microwave oven – often used to heat food, has a minimal set of functions. You can cook in it only simple dishes, for example, porridge.

Grill ovens – equipped with a special heating element. Such ovens allow you to fry meat, poultry, fish, etc.

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Types of grills

TEN grill – the most convenient option, a movable heating element can be moved if heating is required, for example, from the side.

Quartz grill – located at the top of the stove, hidden by a special grill. This type of grill is less powerful than the heater; therefore, more economical.

Ovens with grill and convection – provide maximum cooking possibilities for various dishes. Convection is an annular heating element and a built-in fan. It is the movement of hot air that allows you to bake and fry foods. In such ovens, you can bake muffin, bake chicken, etc.

It should be remembered that when choosing a microwave oven, you must identify for what purposes you will use it, and, based on this, determine the type of oven.

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