Tammy Broccas September 10, 2018
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90% of new business start-ups fail. That’s right, only 1 in 10 will survive. One factor that affects the survival of your business is finding clients and getting them to trust your brand. A new business in the industry does not have any history or guarantee to give to their clients so people are less likely to trust them, even if what they are offering is good. So for the first few years, you will have to go out of the way to create brand loyalty and a good customer base. Here are a few good tips to build trust with business clients:


Clients will always prefer that their business information is kept confidential. For example, there is a lot of sensitive information that, if disclosed to their competitors, can cause major damage to their reputation, profits, or company in general. Hence, if you are a new business with a client who doesn’t know if they can trust you with their private affairs, you should always sign a non-disclosure agreement, which means that you are legally obliged to not discuss any of their confidential information with anyone. By doing this, it will automatically make your client trust you because they will know that you treat them seriously and that they are important to you. This, in turn, will help your business grow.

Always Over Deliver

We’ve often heard the phrase, ‘actions speak louder the words.’ That definitely works in real life, including the business world. The best thing you can do as a new business is over-deliver. This means extra promotions, high sales, even free sample products/offers as much as you can. Nothing will draw clients towards your business as effectively as this does. It is true what they say, to make money you have to spend money.

Provide Social Proof

This is a key factor in gaining your clients’ trust. If you give them social proof i.e. reviews by existing clients that they were satisfied by your services then potential clients are more likely to invest in your business. This technique works well especially for online businesses where there is less of a guarantee that the products/services that they purchase will turn out to be as promised. For example, you run a home-based bakery by selling desserts online. If a potential customer comes across your website and sees good reviews given by clients who have tried your products and are pleased with them, they will be more inclined to purchase your products as well.

Be Transparent

The reason why clients are so hesitant when it comes to new businesses is that many businesses don’t deliver what they claim to. They will often exaggerate what they have…

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