Veronika Knue July 25, 2018
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Businesses use Instagram across the globe for promoting their products. It helps them to reach out to targeted audience. Today, there are over 800 million users on Instagram. This mobile application is simple to download. The interface is easy. Businesses that do not use Instagram lose out on a targeted market of young people in the age group of 18 years to 30 years. However, is Instagram only for business marketing?

Online experts in the field of digital media say Instagram is more than marketing products in the market. It is a platform where professionals like graphic designers can promote themselves. Instagram is visual and graphic design is visual as well. If you are into graphic designing, you can build your portfolio on Instagram. You can reach out to people who are looking for you. However, merely having an account on Instagram is not enough if you are a graphic designer. The trick here is you must build a profile that is authentic. The profile has to be made accurately. This will help you to attract clients and expand your professional base.

How can graphic designers use Instagram for promoting their services?

Given below are simple tips to help you promote your graphic designing services on Instagram:


As mentioned above, Instagram is all about images. This means your photographs and images will communicate the core message. When a visitor sees your profile for the first time, he or she will look at the images you have posted. Now, the question is, do you post the same pictures on a similar theme or do you post different photos on different themes? Your promotion strategy on Instagram has to be consistent. If you are not consistent with the images you post on your profile, visitors will get confused. They will not understand your message. Every post you publish on your Instagram page must have a photo that communicates your core message. Allow visitors to understand who you are. This makes it simple for them to follow you.


Instagram is a powerful platform for story-telling. As a graphic designer, are you telling your audience the right story at the right time? The best part of Instagram is you do not need tons of words to tell your story to the targeted audience. You need to use some compelling images that are strong enough for…

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