Tammy Broccas May 15, 2018

What is WizIQ? WizIQ Virtual Classroom and Learning Management software is an online learning delivery platform that creatively uses technology to make it easy to impart or gain knowledge. It allows an exchange of ideas between education service providers and learners from across the world. Started in 2007, WizIQ already has 3500+ customers with more than four million learners. Today, WizIQ has customers in more than 100 countries from across the globe.

While most online education portals focus on the learner’s end, WizIQ focuses on the education service provider which is what makes WizIQ stand apart. An education service provider can be anyone- an individual looking to teach from home, an educational institution planning to start a distance education program, a corporation wanting to train its employees, among many others. In higher education institutes, WizIQ platform is used as a higher education technology to facilitate learning online.

It is a software platform that brings different education service providers together, enabling them to create their academy in a matter of minutes. You can train/teach or learn in the WizIQ academy depending on whether you use it as an instructor/teacher or as a learner. The academy consists of tools within the platform, to assist teachers and learners in learning delivery and consumption respectively. It does not require either the teachers or the learners to install additional plug-ins.

What are the benefits of online teaching?

Online teaching has emerged as a technology trend in education over the past decade. It has also gained popularity among corporations and training institutes. Following are the three major ways in which online teaching benefits the teachers.

Online teaching is as flexible as it gets: Online teaching is flexible because it is neither time nor location bound. You can schedule classes as and when it suits you and your learners. It saves you the time spent on traveling to-and-fro from a classroom like that in a traditional setting. It gives you the liberty to schedule classes at odd hours like early in the morning or late at night. From the comfort of your home to a camp in the woods, it allows you to teach from any place you deem fit.

Online teaching widens your horizons: While a traditional classroom can have only a selected number of learners, you can reach learners from across the world through online teaching, thus increasing both your classroom strength as well as its diversity.

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