Tammy Broccas October 15, 2018
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Sleeping well is an important activity in life. Humans and animals all sleep according to their physical and mental requirements. However, some humans interrupt their sleeping abilities with alcohol use.

Many alcoholics think that alcohol is helping them sleep properly, which is not true.

Causes of Alcoholism

Main cause of alcoholism is still unknown. However, there are triggers that can cause a person to depend on alcohol. It may seem harmless to be drinking a glass or two of wine, whiskey, or beer every night. But if this becomes frequent and the amount increases, that is where the trouble starts.

Problems usually cause people to turn to substances that will help them ease of the pain or trouble it brings, or so they thought. But this is mostly the easiest part in dealing with difficult situations. Meanwhile, problems don’t subside even if you get drunk. It can make you forget about it as of the moment but once the alcohol lose its effect, reality starts to creep back in.

The moment you opt to escape your current situation that is not favorable for you, alcohol becomes your companion and best friend. Alcohol may seem to bring you to a happier place you may escape the pain for a moment, but alcohol will never help resolve the problem.

Alcohol ruins your sleep and life rhythm

Your circadian rhythm is a combination of chemical rhythm you require during the day. You can call it your internal clock that controls your systematic functionality on a 24-hour basis. This rhythm requires proper sleep to prepare the brain for the synchronized functionality for the next day. However, alcohol doesn’t let it happen.

Alcohol interrupts the optimum chemical production in your body, which wakes you up at night. Alcohol does induce sleep with the increased production of a chemical called adenosine in your body. But that impact works for a small time. Hence, you feel sleepy at first, but then, wake up without giving any rest to your body and mind.

No deep sleep for alcoholics

There are two major stages of sleep. One is the REM or Rapid Eye Movement and the other one is deep sleep. The first one is a condition in which you sleep without actually resting. Hence, the next day becomes unbearable for your body and mind. Even simple tasks such as deciding “left or right” become a challenging mission without getting deep sleep stage. Alcohol doesn’t allow your mind to reach the deep level of sleep. Hence, you stay in bed for no good reason…

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