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Home decoration is one of the most expensive tasks and it has been observed that numerous people take loans for decorating their homes. What they don’t understand is the fact that taking a loan for decorating the rooms is not a solution because the rooms are going to get decorated but they are going to land up in a huge amount of debt, which cannot be cleared easily. Decorating your home is definitely important in order to give a comfortable and homely environment; however, you have to think about your future as well. Therefore, the first step towards decorating your home is planning a budget, so that you can stay within your means and decorate your home. According to www.debt.org, consumer debt in the US is $13.51 trillion.

Given below is a list of the tips that you should follow for planning a budget for your home decoration.

Make a list of the things that you want

The first and most important thing that you have to do is identify each and everything that you are looking forward to seeing in your home. If you have seen something in a hotel room or something in a restaurant that has attracted you, you need to know where you can find that particular piece of decor. Ensure that you are conducting a proper research so that you understand whether the items that you are looking forward to getting in your home are going to fit the budget that you have. It is a great idea to write everything down so that you do not get confused.

Whether you are looking forward to painting your walls or getting wallpapers, or you are interested in wainscoting, you need to write everything down. Ensure that you have a complete list of all the items that you are interested in including, as it will help you to a great extent when you are making your decorating plan.

Determining the budget

Make sure that you are putting aside your wish list and create the appropriate budget for each and every room that you are planning to redecorate. You have to be honest with yourself regarding the regular expenses as well as the expenses that you have to face at the end of each month so that you can understand the total money that you can keep aside for your redecorating budget. Ensure that you are not ending up purchasing items that will make you compromise with the kind of lifestyle that you are currently leading. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to understand the total money that you are capable of spending on your home decoration project.

Create a plan for decoration

Without having a proper plan, it is obvious that you are going to miss out a number of things that you are interested in including in your decoration project. An ideal decoration plan is responsible for including almost everything from the entire look of the rooms to determine the plan of the floor, to add any kind of extra like the wallpaper, artwork, as well as light fixtures. This is almost everything that is going to go into decorating your room. You also need to determine the time frame on the basis of which you will start the decoration project. When everything has been written down, you need to figure out about the exact things that you require by making the budget your top most priority.

Comparison shopping

One of the biggest mistakes that most people do is that they end up purchasing the very first item of decor that they come across, without even trying to know if they are available for a cheap rate somewhere else. Once you have decided on the items that you want to see in your house, it is crucial that you carry on proper research to you know the price differences that can arise. For carrying out your research, you have to do comparison shopping.

Before you fix your decision of purchasing any product, comparison shopping is one of the most important steps that you have to follow. It is crucial that you start familiarizing yourself with the cost of different things. Ensure that you are not missing out on the extra costs that are associated, for instance, labor cost for shipping and delivery of the product, and any extra cost, which is not going to be associated with the original tag of the item. Ensure that you are not getting discouraged if the price of the item that you really want is extremely high. Since you have decided to remain on a budget and decorate your house, it is important that you compromise.

Narrow down your wish list

It is obvious that you have included a number of things in your wish list, however, you need to understand that everything in your wish list is not going to fit into the budget that you have. As soon as you have finished your comparison shopping, it is obvious that you are going to have proper knowledge regarding the cost of the things. Now, you have to take the costly items off your wish list. It is a smart idea to strike out the things, which are not going to be practical for the budget that you have. It is a good idea to make adjustments, or you are going to end up being in unwanted debt. Even after narrowing down your choices, if you go into debt, you can consider debt consolidation ratings that are available on the internet.

Prioritize the purchase decision

Prioritizing the purchase decision is crucial because irrespective of your budget, it is obvious that it is going to be impossible for you to clear the money for everything that you have purchased at once. Therefore, it is important that you decide about the things that are required on a priority basis. For example, your dining table and chairs are going to be more important in comparison to a beautiful piece of wall art.


There is no point in going into debt when you are decorating your house. Ensure that you are making a proper budget by keeping the tips that have been listed above on your mind.

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