Fabiana Herrera February 15, 2018
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It is important to draw the distinction between fixed and growth mindset. Some of us grew up believing we couldn’t do things because they were hard and we struggled to much with it and had no real natural ability. This is fixed mindset because it is the belief that there must be some in-ordained ability within. It cannot be changed with this belief either you have the ability or you do not.

Growth mindset means you can improve with effort and even get better at things you once thought you had no potential at all. There is a way to reach your maximum potential even if it was once thought of as severely limited. Fixed means that we are unable to accomplish certain things because it is not in our nature. We are just not good at certain things. There is no real point in trying harder.

In Growth Mindset, effort is important because it explains that we must put in the time needed and do the work. We cannot just simply rely on innate talents.

The fix is in start an ultier growth pattern

Practice can overcome many of odds that have limited us before. It is possible to be better at whatever you want to be. This is at the core of a Growth Mindset despite challenges and obstacles we can improve.

If a ballet dancer is told she has natural ability she may begin to believe it. She may believe that is all she needs. If she does not succeed she may begin questioning herself and believe something is wrong with her. After all, she was led to believe she was born to succeed, if that same person is instructed they can improve through effort. They know their ability is not predetermined entirely. They must work and practice to hone their abilities whether they are natural or not.

Carol Dweck has on her own website a comprehensive look at the science behind the Growth Mindset. She believes we have the ability to change from a fixed to a growth mindsets and points out case studies where it has shown progress after the switch. The website contains programs for kids in different subjects to teach this effort matters approach.

One program called Mindset maker is an online professional development portion that instructs teachers and other staff members such ideas as mindset theory and practice. There is also a section that contains a School kit for a growth minded culture within the school itself. And another section is where Learning Specialists conduct live training in your area for special events anyone interested should check the website and inquire for the certain fee.

Discover more on this website

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